8 Best Places To Find Real Russian Food In Moscow

mari vannaMoscow is the capital of the Russia. Anyone who visiting Russia wills also visiting Moscow, the thing is what will you eats while you are in Moscow?  While you are in Russia you sure want to eat Russian food. The problem is, you may don’t know where to buy or eat those signature dishes of the Russian.

Moreover, in that city also available several of restaurant with various dish that come all over the worlds. For your information, this article will discussed about the best place to find real Russian food in Moscow, there are:

1. Café Pushkin

First place you can find real Russian food is Café Pushkin, this café is a kind of gastronomic that founded in June 1999. What makes this café really feels like real Russian is that this café has a dining atmosphere of library and pharmacy. There are two dining hall, library and pharmacy hall also each hall serve a different menu. But the most original menu and recommended from this restaurant is the hearty and delectable borscht.  Also, Borscht is an Old Russian Cuisine as part of their culture. So, eating this cuisine in such cozy place will make an unforgettable moment.

2. Mari Vanna

The next best place on the list is Mari Vanna. This restaurant will make everyone who enters it feels like entering someone’s house. It’s because this restaurant designed just like a typical Russian house with the decoration similar to the Russian dining room. Moreover, this cozy restaurant has the authenticity of Russian Homemade foods and the friendly waiter. The recommender Russian food that serves by this restaurant is the Russian Napoleon. Russian Napoleon is a dish of cake with three layer of puff pastry and two alternating layers of puff cream. And if you still have enough space in your stomach, you may try the mouthwatering cake that you can only find in Russia such as Napoleon Cake that Mari Vanna Serve as the dessert.

3. Grand Café Dr.Zhivago

The name of this restaurant is quite memorable since it has the title “Dr”in the middle of the name. This restaurant offers a lavish atmosphere that intertwines the soviet elaborations and modern interior. This restaurant also offers a modern concept of the traditional Russian Cuisine or often mentioned as the comfort foods. Moreover the prices of the restaurant are both value and reasonable for money. If you come to this restaurant, we recommended you to try their hearty beef stroganoff with a thick creamy sauce. This dish is also the most favorite Recipe for Russian People.

4. Restaurant C.D.L

Are you a fan of vegetable? Do you enjoy the vegetable so much especially the cabbage leaves? There is a restaurant name Restaurant C.D.L that serve an amazing Golubsty the stuff cabbage dish originated in Russia. The Golubsty in this restaurant is a famous dish among the visitors. Not only the Golubsty, but this restaurant also serve the best snack made only in Russia, so you will not regret anything if you come to visit this restaurant.

5. Odessa-Mama

Hearing the name of this restaurant make us remember our mother and want she her. It is because this restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere with delicious comfort foods. There is a recommended dish that serve bay this restaurant named Vareniki. Vareniki actually originated in Ukraine but it is a popular dish in the Russia. Vareniki is a stuff dumpling that will make you can’t resist eating them. Odessa – mama also serve the most favorite food in Russia during summer, so you have many choices when you visits this Restaurant.

6. Lepim I Varim

You ever eat dumpling? Russia also has a dish of dumpling and you can go anywhere out of Russia before try Pelmeni. And the best place to eat anything with pelmeni stuffed is in Lepim I Varim. Pelmeni are dumplings that are made into shape of purses and stuffed with either mushrooms, juicy meat fillings, cheese or potatoes the Russians’ Beloved vegetable. Maybe there are many restaurants that are serve this dish of Pelmeni, but there is different between Lepim I Varim with others restaurants. This restaurant has success in experiment of this dumpling, they has the crab, scallop even Cherries as the dumpling stuff. Even though you may order this kind of foods from 24 hours food delivery in Russia, but you can’t be said that you have in Moscow if you are not visits this restaurant.

7. Varvara Café

The next café on the list is Varvara Café. This cafe has a cozy and beautiful taste and atmosphere. It has bright interiors with a beautiful stuff for the decoration. Moreover, this café implementing open café where we can watch the lovingly process of the cooking before we eat. It makes us more excited in mean time of waiting the food to be ready. What makes this restaurant more interesting is that they prepare the traditional foods in a more modern recipe and way. So you will taste the twisted taste of an original recipe yet modern taste. This café is serving and cook the Old Russian Cuisine as the part of their culture, so you will feel the real Russia in this restaurant.

8. Lavkalavka

The last restaurant on the list is Lavkalavka a farmer restaurant that offers you the authentic Russian food that you will never resist. Lavkalavka serve almost all the Russian Dish from all over Russia. You can try almost all the Russian dish here. The most stands out thing from this restaurant is that they use the ingredients that are their local farmers produce, so they got the Freshest and high quality ingredients that make the foods more healthy and delicious. At this restaurant, you ma taste the most favorite recipe for Russian people.

Finally, there are 8 best places to find real Russian food in Moscow. Even though there are still some other place to find real Russian food in Moscow.

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