How to Consume Caviar Properly According to Russians?

Caviar is one of the most exclusive delicacies, the consumption of which requires certain rules. If you want to offer caviar to your friends, you do not need a reason. What you need is a thick wallet, and a proven source of quality caviar. Also, when serving caviar at the event, there is a certain […]

Why Do Russians Love Caviar?

Caviar, although not everyone finds it fits for their taste buds, is still considered one of the most popular high-end delicacies around the world. Culinary experts continuously seek for the best quality caviar from many countries, and Russia has always been one of the biggest suppliers of this fish egg. The country seems to never […]

The Most Comfortable Restaurant in Krasnoyark

Taking a trip to Russia with the famous Trans Siberia can be a life-changing experience. There is something about slow travelling that left a deeper meaning to those who try it. One of the largest city that the train happen to passed is Krasnoyarsk. The administrative city by the Yenisei River is one city you […]

What Makes Tvorog Is Being Such Kind of Special Things for Russian?

Talking about dairy products is endless. That’s because there are so many types of dairy products that we can find all over the world. Even each of these dairy products has a unique and delicious taste at the same time. Maybe one of the types of dairy products that are your favorite dairy products. Some […]

Fastest Way to Make Napoleon Cake in Hurry Time

When we talk about cakes, what comes to mind are sweet and moist desserts. Some think to buy the desired cake at the nearest pastry shop and some choose to make the cake themselves at home. Starting from simple cakes to complicated cakes. In every country in the world, there are many cakes that we […]

Is Meringue Cake Interpreted as Wedding Cake in Russia?

If we talk about marriage, what comes to mind for some people is the wedding party itself. And one of the things that usually always there at the wedding is the wedding cake. This wedding cake has special meaning for some people’s cultures. There are many types of wedding cakes that we can find in […]

Does Potato Baby Contained Potato Vodka?

Vodka is one type of alcoholic beverages that have their own fans. Many people who choose vodka for their dinner or perhaps when holding a party. There are several ways or things done when they are enjoying their choice of vodka. As we know, there are many types of vodka in the world. Some countries […]

Kolobok; The Funniest Russian Cake Which Is Adopted from Russian Fairytales

There are lots of cakes that we can enjoy when visiting a country. It could even be that the cake was made because it was inspired by something. For example, for the respect of important figures in the country, an event that occurred in that country to the characters in the country’s fairytales. The shape […]

Russian Napoleon Cake vs. French Napoleon Cake; What Are the Differences?

Desserts such as cake does have a lot of fans. The sweet and moist taste of the cake will make fans feel happy when eating it. Are you one of them? There are many types of cakes that can be enjoyed in all countries in the world. Each country has a unique cake that will […]

Russian Mouthwatering Food Made by Tvorog

There are a lot of dairy products that can be used as a mixture for making a food or dessert. This dairy product will add flavor to the food or dessert that we make. Dairy products can be butter, yogurt, cheese and many others. Each country has their own dairy products. Although at first glance […]