How to Consume Caviar Properly According to Russians?

Caviar is one of the most exclusive delicacies, the consumption of which requires certain rules. If you want to offer caviar to your friends, you do not need a reason. What you need is a thick wallet, and a proven source of quality caviar. Also, when serving caviar at the event, there is a certain set of rules for serving. Learn how to eat and serve caviar properly from Russians, the biggest consumer of caviar in the world.

How to Eat Red Caviar

Far Eastern red caviar is an invariable attribute of a luxurious festive feast. A century ago, ordinary people did not know how to eat red caviar, because it was available only to aristocrats. Everyone can buy caviar these days, but it is still considered a gourmet dish.

It is interesting that in other countries where red caviar is eaten, there is no such reverent attitude towards this product. In Japan, caviar is not considered a delicacy, it is perceived as ordinary seafood, rich in nutrients. The same can be said about Finland and other Scandinavian countries. In the USA, red caviar is not eaten much, but it is included in the composition of feed for dogs and cats.

Natural red caviar is so delicious that you want to eat it in unlimited quantities. But nutritionists set the norm for how much red caviar can be eaten: it is recommended to eat no more than 50 g of caviar per day, which is about 5 teaspoons.

The benefits and harms of the product

One spoonful of red caviar in terms of protein, vitamins and minerals is approximately equal to two glasses of cow’s milk. Therefore, the question of whether red caviar is useful, nutritionists answer unequivocally: “Yes, it is useful.” It is recommended to regularly use the delicacy for children over three years old, pregnant women and the elderly, as well as people in the recovery period after operations.

However, an excessive use of the product leads to hypervitaminosis and an overabundance of minerals in the body. This can lead to the development of pulmonary edema and heart failure due to excessive accumulation of salts in the soft tissues. On red caviar, as on any product, allergies can occur up to the development of anaphylactic shock.

How Russians eat Red Caviar

Without any hesitation, any Russian will answer the question with what they eat the red caviar with. Here are the most delicious caviar companions according to Russians:

  • Cream cheese: take profiteroles, cut them and fill with butter or cream cheese, and the other half with caviar.
  • Chicken and quail eggs. Remove the yolks from the boiled eggs, mix them with cream or butter, put them back in the halves of the eggs and decorate with a cap of caviar.
  • Brynza. If you care about the figure – make cucumber tartlets, add feta cheese or feta cheese and red caviar. Delicious.
  • Avocado. Mash avocados, whipped cream and chopped dill. Put on crackers, and top with caviar
  • And, of course, the classics of the genre are pancakes. Twist them into envelopes and tubes smeared with cream cheese and decorate with the caviar.

How to Eat Black Caviar

Russians are used to eating black caviar with tablespoons. This tradition dates back to Tsarist times, when caviar cost about the same as gold. And to this day, despite the drop in price, the “imperial approach” has remained in their blood. It is also permissible in Russia to have vodka with caviar. Foreigners look at it as dense barbarism. Throughout the civilized world, a 50-gram jar, worth $1,000, manages to be divided into five and at the same time serve plenty.

Caviar loves cold and crystal, and hates metal. True gourmets claim that the best way to enjoy caviar is to consume it from crystal very cold. But be careful, the spoon should be made of bone, horn or mother of pearl. Even plastic is better than metal. Whatever you choose, it will be better than contaminating the delicate aroma of these black eggs with a metallic taste in your mouth. The most sophisticated gourmets insist on mother of pearl, whose shimmering color is aesthetically contrasting with shiny black caviar.

It is important that the caviar is never located next to a slice of lemon. In addition, anyone who dares to give caviar to any treatment should be devoted to such treatment. Caviar product is exclusively natural and ready to eat. 

Now, in more detail about the caviar, pay attention to the size of the eggs: the larger, brighter and more perfect the eggs, the higher the quality. At the same time, a clearer black color is even more valuable. Now, having collected a small spoonful of caviar, you can slightly blow it and smell it, the faint smell of algae should be absolute. Caviar should not smell like fish. Each tiny egg should be like a juicy sphere, whose only goal is to explode in your oral cavity, giving you a tiny burst of ecstasy that should last no longer than a few minutes.

The most elite caviar variety is considered to be “Diamond”. This caviar is caught in the Caspian Sea from Beluga sturgeon fish. This is a Rolls Royce among caviar. This variety is sold in London at a price of 40,000 euros per kilogram. Fortunately, it is sold in grams. Serve in crystal, on a large amount of ice. Near caviar, small pieces of white bread, pancakes, or brown bread should be served, which are oiled with homemade butter. Also, before applying the oil, you can coat it with a small amount of cream, or low fat yogurt. It is recommended to consume caviar with vodka.

Russians definitely know how to eat caviar the right way; whether it’s from a bowl of crystal with a pearl spoon or simply just by adding a spoonful of it to a piece of pancake.

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