5 Differences Between Russian Transportation and Soviet Transportation

As we have seen, there are many changes in transportation that exist today. There are changes that are significant and some are only minor changes. Every country is certainly a phase of change in that transportation.

Changes in transportation also bring pros and cons to the community. Usually, there are those who are not supportive because they are already comfortable with the existing transportation, but there are also many who support the change. Any changes that occur in transportation have certainly been considered beforehand.

Changes in transportation also occur in Russia. There are several differences between Russian transportation now and Soviet transportation in the past. Do you already know the difference? I think there are still many of you who don’t know it yet. So, let’s look at the differences between Russian transportation and Soviet transportation.

The existing transportation cannot be separated from the influence of transportation in the past. It is possible that the existing transportation is the development or renewal of existing transportation in the past. Transportation certainly has to follow the development of an increasingly modern and sophisticated era.

Each country has a diverse transportation. Every transportation is generally also changing from year to year. Many things can affect the change of transportation in a country. This includes if a country has experienced major changes in its state system.

Transportation in the past usually have little or maybe a lot of changes compared to the existing transportation today. Changes in each country is different according to the situation and circumstances that exist in the country. It also happened in Russia. Transportation in the past had some differences with the existing transportation today. Do you realize and know about this difference?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about the differences between Soviet and Russian transportation. You are curious and of course wondering about it, right? Therefore, in this article we will discuss the 5 differences between Russian transportation and Soviet transportation.

  • In Russian Transportation, The Quality of Transportation on The Highway Is Better

One of the changes in transportation in Russia can be seen from the quality of transportation on its highways. Both for private vehicles and public transportation. As time goes by, there is also an increase in the quality of road transportation in Russia.

If in Soviet times the roads were still very few and the quality of roads in some regions were still inadequate, now Russia has many roads that also support public transportation. There are many roads that also have rails for trams. Even so, you can still see the traffic jams in some of the streets of major Russian cities. For this reason, for those of you who want to visit Russia, try to take public transportation in Russia such as trams, trolley buses, or even trains or metro.

  • Improvements to The Quality of Railroads in The Russian Transportation Era

In addition to the highway, the railroad also has increased quality. It may be a little different from the Soviet era. Now Russia has the longest railroad, known as Trans-Siberian. When going through this path, you will enjoy the natural scenery in Russia on your long journey.

Since the Soviet era, the train has become an alternative transportation that is a favorite of local residents in their daily activities. This is because in the past, there were very few roads that could be traversed by public transportation such as buses, trams and private vehicles. Now you can enjoy traveling to many countries in Russia by train because the railroad has connected Russia with many countries around it.

  • The Plane Became the Main Transportation in The Soviet Transportation Era

Previously in the Soviet Union, the plane became one of the favorite transportations of local residents there. The plane is the most widely used transportation because it is considered to be able to shorten the time when compared to land lines. That’s because in the past, the highway there is still not good enough.

Another factor is because in the Soviet era, there were still many areas there that were difficult to access if by land. The number of public transportation available by road is still limited. That’s why the Soviet Union has so many airports, even in the Russian era like today.

  • Purchasing Tickets for Russian Transportation Is Becoming Easier

In this increasingly modern and sophisticated era, you will not be bothered when you want to buy tickets for various types of transportation. If in the past, you had to visit the ticket agent or the official place of sale of the transportation ticket that you want to use, now you can order it via the internet online. Even so, you also can still buy tickets directly at the place you ride the transportation.

With the convenience of buying tickets online, busy people do not need to feel trouble to buy tickets. With this easy ticket purchase, you can also see the departure time and also see the number of seats available. You really feel facilitated by this technology, isn’t it?

  • The Technology Used for Russian Transportation Is More Sophisticated

Russian transportation now has the support of sophisticated technology. Either is applied directly to all types of transportation or is applied to manage ticket sales. With the development of technology, of course it will also have an impact on transportation in a country. As well as transportation in Russia today. That would be very different from the technology used in Soviet transportation.

And maybe there are still some of differences between Russian transportation and Soviet transportation that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 5 differences between Russian transportation and Soviet transportation. What an interesting fact, right?

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