10 Best Cinema Theater in Moscow you can visit

Despite well-known from the numerous wonderful theaters, Moscow also provide you with the best Cinema theaters. More than 100 cinemas are spread all over the city with the best serving and also provided with complete movie collections.

For you who visit Moscow and want to have leisure time in the Cinema do not get confused with too many options, because I have shortlisted into best 10 cinemas. The lists below are 10 best cinema theater in Moscow you can visit :

1. Pioner Cinema (Kutuzovsky)

This cinema theater is considered as one of the best cinema in Moscow, in which it provides an integrated entertainment spot includes Pioner Bookstore, Café Pion and the Cinema itself. Besides, the name is very well suited with the innovative project named “At the Cinema, at last”, a program which allows audience  to watch restored versions  and director’s cut of the world filming masterpieces.

This cinema is recommended for those who preferred to watch movie in their original languages with subtitles. So, if you are foreigners, you can still enjoy your favourite new released blockbuster movies in the original language. And for backpacker or low budgeter tourist, the ticket price is affordable.

2. Cinema Park Deluxe (Leningradskoye)

Cinema Park which is located at the Metropolis Shopping Centre of Moscow provide you with complete facilities. It has 13 cinema rooms – deluxe first class, kids cinema room, room for disabilities, cinema with 3D system and the sophisticated cinema room 4DX.

A cinema is equipped with 4DX system -best in the class-, in which the viewers can experience new sensation of watching movie. Here, you can feel almost all senses, including wind, air and water jets with the help of special movements access. In addition, you can totally immerse in the movie by the use of special strobe lights and for generators.

3. Illuzion Cinema (Kotelnicheskaya)

The Illuzion cinema is located in the Stalin’s skyscraper, one of the seven oldest Soviet building built in 1940s or also known as “the seven Sisters”. it belongs to one of the oldest cinemas in the Moscow which is operated by the National Film Fund of Russia.

Having best architecture, the Cinema also provides with wide range of movie collection. If you want to find classic Soviet movies to Russian modern movies, this cinema is very suitable for you. Furthermore the International movie weeks is also held here.

4. Muzeon Park (Yakimanka district)

Muzeon Park is famous as Sculpture Park. This cinema is located in a unique open air park with cozy surroundings full of sculptures collections. Belong to the historical place in Moscow; the place nowadays became one of the most popular city spots – both for locals and foreigners- which presents not only cultural side of Russian but also educational space.

Besides functioned as historical and educational place, there are also movie cinemas displayed here, especially rare movie you can only find here.  For you who seeking for a fresh air and nice surroundings, visit Muzeon Park.

5. Solovey Cinema Centre ( Druzhinnikovskaya Street)

Located exactly in central Moscow, the cinema offers you with a latest technology of the era. It has 24 auditoriums, the most rooms in any other movie theater in Europe. Besides, the movie collections available are varying, start from an old time movies which are no longer aired in other theatre until the most recent box office movies.

Having so many rooms, you can freely choose the best aired time according to your spare time, so no need to be in such a rush.

6. Romanov Cinema (Boulevard Ring)

This luxurious cinema is located right in the center of Moscow, right exactly near Kremlin. You can enjoy the comfortable seating feeling like in a private room because the sofas are designed so unique that you almost can’t see other people next to you. But do not be surprised about the ticket price, since it might be the most expensive than other cinemas.

Despite the expensive ticket price, you can watch your favorite movie while enjoying the delicious food, have good drinks and even have shisha. So the high price is worth with the facilities you get and the private thing you will experience.

7. Formula Kino Cinema (Kutuzovsky)

It is located in Oceania mall on Kutuzovsky Avenue. Kino cinema is well known with the awesome Mastercard Laser IMAX. It is one and only huge screen you will ever seen in Russia. As well as the spacious comfortable seats, this would also allow you to straighten your feet. For you who want to experience the huge screen ever in Russia, visit Formula Kino as one of the best cinema theater in Moscow.

8. Documentary Film Center (Zubovsky Boulevard)

This cinema differs with the other best cinemas in Moscow, located in Ostozhenka Street. The distinctive things which make it different is that the collection of movie, when the other mostly played blockbuster modern movies, this cinema shows rather popular indie movies along with limited release of non-fiction movies.

Besides for promoting documentary movies, this also functioned as the place for holding lectures, workshops, premieres and movie festivals.

9. Moscow Cinema Star (Bolshaya Tulkskaya)

Also called Zvezda Theater, Located in a historical monument of Stalinist building near Kurskaya metro station. It can even be called as the monument of the Soviet Union’s architecture. The cozy and cute cinema with the unusual hall-cinema cafe, Zvezda includes book store, where you can find books and magazines about cinema art, and café with coffee/tea and tasty desserts, which can be taken to the hall. The repertory is extra interesting: noticeable festival, independent, art house and intellectual films. Also, there are special festival programs, retrospectives of the famous directors, meetings and discussions with the cinema critics.

10. Stanislavsky Electrotheatre (Tverskaya Street)

The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre was one of the oldest Moscow’s theaters which is located in the heart of Moscow, on Tverskaya Street 23. This cinema has been founded a century ago in 1915 and has been reconstructed a couple of times in the building and architecture.  And now, you would only be amazed with a new multi-functional place, a grand building not only functioned as movie theatre, but also for exhibitions, lectures and performance art.

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