Wanna Have Flawless Skin As Russian Women? Here Are Their Secrets

russian women flawless skinThe beauty of a woman cannot be measured by anything because it is relative. Women not only have to look beautiful outside but also inside. And women are very aware of that. The women always try to improve and beautify themselves. display is something very important. From the look, other people can judge you since you first met.

Because of the importance of a display, women always try to maintain and beautify their skin. because healthy and bright skin will greatly affect the appearance. However, bright and healthy skin can not be found only by showering three times a day. Many treatments to nourish the skin so that the skin remains healthy, bright and soft. And the women know very well how to get flawless skin.

It’s no secret, Russia is one of the countries with the most beautiful women. They look almost perfect from head to toe. Besides that, they also have good fashion tastes. And their pride is their flawless skin. Do you want to know the secrets of flawless skin of Russian women?

In this article, we will open the secrets of flawless skin to Russian women so you can get beautiful skin like them. and it turns out they are still using traditional methods. the following ways are guaranteed to make your skin healthy and glowing. Want to have flawless skin as russian women? Here are their secrets.

1. Banya (Sauna)

The first ritual that is almost done by all Russian women to maintain the health of their skin is by doing banya. Banya is the name of a sauna for Russian people. the ritual is to bathe steam in a room with a temperature of more than 93 degrees Celsius, and they use a special hat to protect the head from this intense heat. Some clients prefer to sit on small mats that are brought to Banya to protect bare skin from hot dry wood on the interior bench.

In Russia, their special caps are usually sold in sets with fur gloves, with aromatherapy extract to put in steam water. And they usually massage themselves or massage each other with friends using dried branches and leaves from white birch, oak or eucalyptus to improve circulation.

Is the skin not damaged with such heat? Certainly not. Because your skin is not burned with fire, it is only exposed to hot steam. Hot steam will open the pores of the skin and remove toxins in the body in the form of sweat. In addition, it also has a healthier, brighter, and cleaner skin effect. Well, this is the first secret of flawless skin for Russian women who have been popular for a long time. If you want to try it, you don’t need to go far to Russia. because in your country there are certainly lots of saunas spread out and you can try this sauna sensation. However, if you visit Russia, you should try a lot because you definitely have more sensations than in your country. Because Russia is its home country.

2. Bathing Spices

Russian people always maintain their beauty with natural ingredients. Because many plants that are beneficial for skin health grow in the red bear country. In addition, cosmetics sold there are also made from natural ingredients. This is why the secrets of Russian women’s beauty will not provide risks like allergies to your skin.

And it turns out another secret of their beautiful skin is spice bathing. They usually use spices such as maple, eucalyptus, and oak. Spice baths will make the skin healthy. In addition, spice bathing also helps the detoxification process so that toxins in the body come out through the skin pores. If poisons have been detoxified, the skin will be healthy, bright and soft. In addition to the skin, they also use spices to treat hair by making natural hair masks.

3. Body Wrap

The way this one is very unique. Not only beneficial for the skin, it turns out this method also makes the Russian woman’s body stay slim. Maybe many people think that Russian women go on a diet so they have a lean body. Apparently they only do body wrap.

Body wrap is done by applying pure honey to the parts of the body you want to shrink, such as the abdomen, arms, or thighs. Then wrap with cling wrap, then warm the body with steam. This method will succeed in making your body slim and your skin healthy. This is the secret of why Russian women have beautiful, slender bodies and flawless skin. Very interesting, right? You have to try it.

4. Exfoliate

This is why Russian women’s skin is not dull. Because exfoliation is very important for them. exfoliation is very useful for maintaining the cleanliness of the skin of the body and facial skin so it does not look dull due to the buildup of dead skin cells. And it turns out exfoliation is also very easy to do.

Russian women do not use any skin care products for exfoliation. Like their other skin treatments, they still use organic ingredients. For exfoliation they usually use salt and olive oil mixed together. Both ingredients are applied to the body and face with salt as a scrub to remove dead skin cells. And olive oil is useful for moisturizing the skin. Besides salt and olive oil, they also use coffee grounds that are useful for removing body odor and brightening the skin. And the results of exfoliation using natural ingredients have proven successful. This method is very easy for you to do at home, ladies!

5. Face Masks

The favorite skin care for Russian women is a face mask. And they still use natural ingredients as face masks. And the ingredients they use most often are strawberries. The method is quite easy. Crush some strawberries as needed, then you can mix them with yogurt or honey. And apply to face, let stand for 30 minutes then rinse. Your skin will feel smooth and flawless like the skin of a Russian woman’s face.

6. Regularly Consume Vegetables

In addition to treating skin from the outside with various natural ingredients, it turns out that Russian women also take care of themselves from the inside to get flawless skin. Warm soup is a favorite menu of Russian people, especially women. They are well aware of the benefits of vegetables for beauty. In addition, vitamins, minerals and fiber in vegetables can meet the nutritional needs of the body. Their vegetable soup usually consists of broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and leeks. And usually they also add salmon and meat to taste better. It’s easy, right?

It turns out to get flawless skin is not so difficult and expensive. You can try a number of ways above at home. Like facial masks, exfoliation, eating vegetables, and bathing spices in your home. however, if you want to try lots and body wraps, you have to go to a special place.

Wanna have flawless skin as russian women? Those are their secrets. Their secret is to use natural ingredients which are of course safe to use. from Russian women you can learn that beauty doesn’t need to use expensive skin care. Just take advantage of kitchen spices and routinely do home care. You will have flawless skin like them.

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