Vacation to Russia by Russian Tour Packages; Is It More Affordable?

What comes to mind first when you say the word “vacation”? Buying plane tickets? Unforgettable Instagrammable sunsets? Mountain crossings with heavy backpacks? Any trip can be exciting and rich in adventure – and this is much more than just sipping margarita on the sunlit beach. It’s not news at all that travelling is good for physical fitness, but even more pleasantly, according to psychologists, exploring new places is very beneficial for mental and emotional health. In other words, travelling makes us happier. However, expenses for a vacation is usually something people put on consideration that end up stopping them from going. Perhaps you have a plan to visit Russia? Tour packages may help you to afford the trip you have been dreaming of.

Benefits of Tour Package

No one will deny that the cost of an independent tour will be slightly different from the finished package of services provided by a travel agency. This is because travel agencies are professional organizations that work together with many places that grant them the discounts given by the companies which services are included in the travel package.

1. Time-saving

Ready-made tour packages will save your time, which often costs much more when done independently. Travel agency takes care of all the details of the tour, from visa to transfers, guarantees the safety and reliability of all services involved in your tour.

2. Services are guaranteed

It’s worth to highlight one important point about independent tour; no one will protect your interests if one of the organizers of your trip decides not to fulfill its obligations, since these obligations are not confirmed by any agreement. Actually, this is the most important aspect of organizing any tour. You will be able to book a hotel yourself, but if you are denied a room due to overbooking upon arrival, you will have to look for another accommodation option, which is almost unrealistic during the peak season.

3. Insured flight

You can buy a cheap economy class ticket, with a certain luck or coincidence, having got on a discount share of any airline, but for this you will have to keep track of all offers on the market and adjust to the dates of this discount. You can’t be sure if this airline will not declare bankruptcy during or shortly before your departure. It may happen that you spend several days at the airport waiting to board another flight.

4. Cheaper hotel room’s rate

Travel agencies offer a package in which everything is already included. Do not think that hotels will offer you a room at a price lower than that offered by operators and agencies. The fact is that operators pre-quote hotel rooms. Early payment and wholesale purchase allow the agencies to reduce the cost of this number. Very often you hear from tourists that they were offered a hotel room at a price much higher than a travel agency offers. This is because the hotel is trying to sell the rooms left for its own sales at a cost favorable to the hotel and not to the client, knowing that this number will still be sold. Even if you are offered a discount on accommodation 50% of the room rate, it will not be lower than the one for which it is included in the package of the tour operator.

What is included in the package tour?

We suggest you take a look at all the components of a standard package tour that almost all travel agencies can offer:

1. Flight. Delivery from point A to point B by plane or any other mode of transport is necessarily provided in each package tour. And this item quite often allows you to save on a ticket, as tour operators are given discounts.

2. Transfer. Carrying you directly from the station or airport to the hotel is a convenient advantage. Just imagine, you are off the road, tired, jet-lagged – you wouldn’t want to be bothered by looking for a transport to the hotel. Transfer in a package tour is good

 3. Accommodation. It could be a hotel, villa, bungalow or even a chalet – so feel free to ask what type of room awaits you.

4. Meal. Types of food provided by each tour operator should differ. If you don’t want to worry about where to get food, or how to quench your thirst during the tour break, it is best to choose all-inclusive tour.

5. Insurance. Any travel agency will unconditionally include this component in the cost of a package tour, because the provision of medical care abroad in emergency situations is extremely important. Do not even think about this question, because you never know for sure what to expect.

6. Tourist attractions. One of the most important points is this one, because just by visiting these places you can get to know the sights of the new country to the fullest. Exciting excursion programs and their busy schedule – this is perhaps the highlight of every package. You will always be taken to the most interesting places, and you won’t have to wait in line for entrance tickets.

7. Guide. The person who will clarify any questions, prompt and help in any travel situation is a guide. They know the language of the country and its attractions. Therefore, if a guide is part of the package tour, rejoice, a comfortable trip awaits you without a hassle.

Choose Carefully

The most important thing you need to know about package tours is that they are all different. Some may include a minimum set of services, while others may include additional services. Read the points and details carefully so you will not be tricked. The best way is to book through a trusted travel agency with good reputation. More affordable vacation to Russia is guaranteed as long as you book the package wisely.

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