Learn more about caucasian people and ethnicity

Have you ever heard Caucasian people ?. Caucasians are mostly European, North African, Middle Eastern, Pakistani and North Indian. Caucasian descendants also settled in Australia, North America, parts of South America, South Africa and New Zealand. Members of the “Caucasian ethnic” are commonly called “white skinned”, although this is not always true.

In general, Caucasians who have white skin are usually more sensitive to the sun, their skin is more flammable and reddish when basking for too long. However, after that the skin more easily returned to its original color. Physically, Caucasians have ethnic Caucasian noses usually have thinner skin than ethnic Asian noses, so the shape and contours of the cartilage infrastructure under it become more visible.  This article will be discussed about learn more about caucasian people and ethnicity.

Caucasian ethnic consists of four sub-ethnic.

  • Nordic is found in northern Europe around the Baltic Sea
  • Alpine is present in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Mediterranean, the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, North Africa, Armenia, Arabia and Iran
  • Indic is found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

These ethnic characteristics are as follows:

  • the color of the skin of Indians is rather yellow, while the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and America are white
  • black hair or blond
  • pointed nose
  • thin lips
  • average height 165-180

1. Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of Caucasians are described by M. A. MacConaill, an Irlandia anatomy professor, including “bright skin and eyes, small noses, and thin lips. The Caucasian hair condition is usually straight or wavy. “Caucasians are said to have the lowest projection rate on their alveolar bones containing teeth, prominent parts of the skull and forehead with prominent size, and midfacial area projections.

If there is someone whose appearance matches this characteristic is said to be Caucasian. Caucasians are often found in many countries of the world. However, while Caucasians in the United States may have certain racial characteristics with Caucasians from France. This is because the two men have different ethnic backgrounds – one American, and the other French. Therefore, they will probably speak different languages, have different traditions, and may even have different religions because they are so influenced by their local culture. Let’s learn more about caucasian people and ethnicity.

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2. Locations

Caucasian is taken from Caucasian word. The Caucasus is an area of Eastern Europe and West Asia between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea that belongs to the Caucasus Mountains and other low areas. The Caucasus is sometimes considered part of Central Asia. The highest peak in the Caucasus is at Mount Elbrus (5.642m), which is also considered the highest mountain in Europe. Countries in the Caucasus are now Russia (North Caucasus District), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ossetia, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagesta. In addition, the Caucasus is one of the most diverse languages and cultures in the world.

The majority of people argue that Caucasians are from the Caucasus, but this is not true. According to research until now there has been no historical evidence to support that caucasian is derived from caucasian. To date, the term “Caucasian” is often used to refer to white people of European ancestors. But an expert anatomy jernman named Johann Friedrich who believe that the Caucasus Mountains gave birth to very interesting people. This johann belief makes him assume that white Europeans are from Caucasian Empire. You must read  Things Worth to Know About Caucasus Mountains.

3. Origin

In terms of archeology, female skulls are found near this mountainous area, and that the archaeologist thinks the skull is the most beautiful skull ever studied. He also sees the skull as pure white and claims that it is the natural color of human. In addition, many argue that Caucasians live in caucus usage. This can also be justified. Communities around the mountains have 3 major groups: Indo-Europe, Caucasian and Altaic. Therefore, the three groups create different language groups. For example, there are 6 Turkish variations, 8 different Georgian dialects, and 30 languages in the Dagesta region only. In addition, four-fifths of the entire population of the Caucasus are Russians or Ukrainians. Therefore, the majority of these people speak Russian, so Russian is a widely accepted medium of Caucasian communication.

According to the ancient russian story, the Caucasians once attacked Russian settlements, attacking residents and homes. This condition caused a conflict when the Russian leaders began to worry. This condition begins where the Caucasus Mountains is a trade route from Europe to Asia ruled by Persia with the Ottoman Empire. However, Russia controlled the mountains until the southwestern Caucasus Mountains were finally attacked by Turkey in 1921. To date, almost 10% of Russians live in the mountains of Caucasus and the surrounding area. Caucasus mountains are now used as tourist attractions for foreign and local tourists. Caucasians like to use a cable car to travel around the mountain. The scenery in these mountains is really beautiful, probably inspiring many foreigners to vacation enjoy the beauty of this mountain charm.

All in, this article describes learn more about caucasian people and ethnicity. This article helps you in understanding the history of the world especially russia. If you are going to Russia ,you can figure out when is the Best Time to Visit Russia and learn some Common Greetings in Russian. You should also know some of the Advantages of learning Russian as Indonesian.

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