7 Must Known Facts Of Tasty Russian Napoleon Cake 

Among the many well known Russian dessert, there is Napoleon Cake that as tasty as the French version. In most celebrations and Russian holidays, you are bound to discover this sweet Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia dinner table. The present-day Napoleon Cake has gone through some revolutionary that it has become a completely different version of the French custard cake. It is now fully nationalized by the Russian with some fun facts of this tasty treat.

1.The Name

During Russian invasion to the French during the war, they adopt more than just the war situation. The original recipe of Napoleon cake rooted on ancient times, when no one really knows who copied who and what really happens. However, the name itself has a similarity to Napolitain which refers to an area in French, called Naples. The word become Napoleon probably for linguistic reasons. Due to its similarity with the French cuisine, many believe either it comes from the place or the copycat of the French cake itself.

Other famous explanation to why the Russian name this sweet treat Napoleon Cake is due to the fact that the French emperor Napoleon love for cream-filled puff pastries that made the French lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815. The name is a reminder for that win over French.

No matter the history behind the name, the Russian has no intention of omitting any relation of the French related cake from either the name, the emperor or other similar cake originally from French. It all gives a hint of some kind of relation without being too obvious.

  1. Affordable Ingredient

Food shortage and food deficiency is something that Russian is more than familiar with. There are many Russian most Healthiest Staple Foods Of Russian Cuisine that elevate simple ingredient to expensive ideas. One of the includes incorporating condensed milk to replace expensive custard that take butter as the main ingredient. The product that originally comes from cow milk is the ultimate source for sugary delicacy.

The Russian Napoleon Cake put layers of cake into a stock that top it of with crumble of pastry which results in seeth tooth icing. The Russian recipe also makes use of the more affordable margarine instead of butter. The cake uses a sweet large amount of condensed Milk as the main ingredient of this cake. So, it is decently a fun way to have a taste of luxurious food without going broke by splurging with an expensive ingredient, especially when you have so little to spare.

  1. Sweet or Savoury

Russian Napoleon Cake already poses some confusion base on the name No wonder if the filing can go so many ways. The classic oblong party can have creamery, jelly or custard burst of extra flavor and become a sweet Napoleon Cake.

However, chefs also put all kind of different stuff that it can also go for savories such as seafood, vegetables, cheese, and even tofu. These kinds of diversity probably to the Russian extreme climate changes that go from cold to extremely freezing. The variation depends on what vegetables or fruits that are in season. Moreover, there is no real right formula, as long as it is tasty, the variation works.

4. Multi-Variation

Russian Napoleon Cake is one of the Most Served Dessert In Russian Restaurants to try. However, the many variations will have you taste various kind of Napoleon Cake before saying you have tray all. There are sweet Napoleon Cake and there are savory too. The flaky savory is presented in layers or dispensed as well. It also comes in tortillas form from friend potatoes stockpiled together.

There is so many routes that this cake decide to take that has nothing French at all. Furthermore, this diversity can also turn off any French that has their strict rule on how to treat their recipes and their creators.

  1. Special Occasions

The magnificent feature of Napoleon Cake makes is a popular item during holidays and special occasions. For the Things, You Need To taste In Russia during holidays, Napoleon cake comes with all the luxurious and expensive ingredient from the best of the best. The best butter and over the top ingredient come together for one exquisite dessert. This cake has a luxurious appearance that even with simple cut down cost ingredient, it still looks amazing.

  1. Work Of Art

When people say they eat with their eyes first than it really is the deal with many of Russian food. All of their cuisines have mostly come from simple affordable ingredient with the beautiful presentation. Take, or example, the 16 tier of layer Napoleon Cake of frosting and glamour coverage state art of its own. Even, after you slice it, the shape is stilled look amazing. Moreover, the puff pastry element to be rolled super thin to imitate the sandwiched tier with an abundance of pastry cream. These acts allow the puff pastry to soften, moist and tender. All baking activities not only require precise measurement but also a great sense of artistic value.

7. Patience

Dessert making is not just about cooking but also pouring your love and attention to detail. The Most Favourite Dessert In Russian Cuisine takes a longer time to make, not to mention the pre-prepared ingredient, especially during big festivities and holidays.

You can actually make a crispy Napoleon Cake by baking the layers of the puff pastries and make the pastry cream the night before. When you have all the primary elements is all set, it is just a matter of time before putting things together. The soft and moist version of Napoleon Cake can take up to 48 hours to assemble, from beginning to the end result.

So, are you ready to munch down this sweat Napoleon Cake? All the fun facts just add up the interest that this cake already received. All fact support the reality that there are many things going on behind and masterpiece dishes. Not only it represents some part of history but also the characteristic of people behind it.

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