12 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Putorana Plateau Of Russia

Russia always presents various kinds of very interesting destinations to visit. Such as rivers, national parks or mountains. No wonder, Russia is one of the countries that many people want to visit. And Russia is one country that has a variety of unique landscapes and authenticity. One of them is Putorana Plateau.

Putorana Plateau is a basalt, mountain located on the northwestern tip of central Siberia and to the south of the Taymyr Peninsula. This plateau is characterized by spectacular shaped reliefs. In this place there are also many lakes that are truly beautiful and charming and rich in rare animals. So, there are 12 amazing facts you must know about Putorana Plateau of Russia.

1. Amazing high mountains

The Putorana plateau consists of high and wide mountains. The highest mountain in the region is Mount Kamen with an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. The mountains are still preserved by their authenticity and beauty and there is nothing to destroy them. Because this area is far from community settlements.

2. Estimated to form due to a strong earthquake

The Putorana Plateau is a basalt mountain that seems infinite, untouched by human activity. Putorana is thought to have emerged 10-12 million years ago as a result of a strong earthquake that affected most of the Eurasian continent and gave rise to large islands in Barents and Kara Seas.

3. Putorana’s name comes from evenk tribe 

The unique fact is that the name “Putorana” comes from  evenk tribe which means “country with lakes with steep edges”.

4. There are many flora and fauna

There are around 576 flora in this region. The combination of forest plant and animal communities such as the northern alpine, the subalpine tundra forest, and the tundra alpine are characteristics of the Putorana plateau. There are more than 1,300 plant species recorded in the region. The Putorana Mountains are also the northern habitat boundary of flying squirrels, Lynx, Sable, and Stone Cock.

The uniqueness of this region is its location on the border of the Yenisei zoo, which is recognized as one of the largest bio-geographical boundaries in Eurasia. This is why putorana has a very high diversity of local fauna species.

The fauna found in the Putorana region is 36 species of fish, 1 species of amphibians, 184 species of birds, and 34 species of mammals. The biggest migration route of Taimyr Reindeer lies on the plateau. This area is a habitat for bighorn snow sheep, yellow lions, gyrfalcon, red-necked geese, tundra swan, and osprey. The snow sheep, both male and female, are wrapped in thick gray wool fur that protects them from cold temperatures. In addition, there is a golden eagle which is one of the endangered rare birds in the region.

5. Very extreme temperatures

Temperatures in the Putorana region are often extreme. Especially if winter comes. Temperatures in this region can reach -85 ° Fahrenheit. But the fauna and flora in this region are accustomed to the extreme temperatures in this region. But for humans, this must be very dangerous.

6. As UNESCO world heritage

Many Russian landscapes are included in the list of UNESCO world heritage, one of them is putorana plateau. This area became a world heritage in June 2010.

7. Close to Norilsk city

There is a large settlement near this area. Namely the city of Norilsk. A city that should not be visited by foreigners except Belarus.

8. Has the largest nickel content in the world

Besides being rich in beautiful scenery, Russia also has valuable mining items. If there are gold in virgin komi, then putorana plateau has the largest nickel in the world. Of course this is very beneficial for Russia in terms of the economy and also prestige in the eyes of the world.

9. The midpoint of the Russian country is in this region

Russia is the largest country in the world. And the midpoint of this largest country is located in the Putorana Plateau region, Vivi Lake. Because it is not only a mountain, this area also has beautiful lakes and waterfalls.

10. Has around 25 thousand lakes

In this region there are around 25 thousand lakes with a length of up to 150 km and depths of up to 400 m. one of the lakes here is Vivi Lake.

11. Has the highest waterfall in Russia

In the Putorana area there is the highest waterfall in Russia, namely Putorana Crater Waterfall. This waterfall has a very heavy and beautiful flow and is surrounded by steep rocky mountains. There are no tourists visiting this area. Because the putorana crater is difficult to reach and quite dangerous, and the weather in this region is almost always unfriendly. In this area extreme temperatures often occur.

12. Rarely visited by tourists

This place is rarely visited by tourists. Because the place is difficult to reach and temperature problems are often extreme. But, if you want to go to this area, you can reach this city for about an hour. It is easy for you to take public buses if you want to go to this area. There is a large lake which is located in this ecosystem. The native language which is used in this area is “putorana”. This area is also known as the largest store for fresh water in Russia. Although it is difficult to take this place, but when we arrive at this place, our fatigue will pay off with an incomparable beauty. Everyone will surely be amazed by the beauty of the putorana plateau if you see it directly.

The beauty of nature is a gift from God that must be preserved, because it is a very precious gift. besides that, government policies and the world in protecting nature are very effective. So those sites which are very historic and amazing like poturana plateau are still preserved authenticity.

So, those are all about 12 things you must know about putorana plateau of Russia. And all of these facts make Putorana very much loved by the Russian community and tourists who love natural adventures.

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