15 Facts of Lena Pillars Nature Park In Russia

Everyone knows that in every corner of the world, there is something interesting that is characteristic of the area. However, this particularity is sometimes damaged by irresponsible people. But not with The Lena Pillars Nature Park, in Russia. This place is still maintained its uniqueness and beauty. Because the Russian government has inaugurated this place as a national park in Russia.

As the largest country in the world, Russia is known to be very rich in various landscapes whose authenticity is still maintained. Russia is indeed a country with a million charms. Taiga, vodka, hockey, tigers and Russian people and various other peculiarities, make this country the most beautiful on the face of the earth. One of the peculiarities of Russia that is very unique and amazing is the Lena Pillars Nature Park.

Lena Pillars Nature Park is a chain of steep rocks located along the right bank of the river Lena in the Khangalassky, Yakutia, Russia region. These steep rocks really make the river Lena more beautiful. Enjoying the fresh air with breathtaking scenery, who can resist? Here are 15 facts of Lena Pillars Nature Park In Russia that will make you more interested in visiting them.

1. Lena Comes From The Local Language

The word lena comes from the Russian regional language, Elyu-Ene, which means it is a large river. This name fits very well with the Lena River area. Because indeed the river is very wide and long.

2. Lena Pillars Are Part Of Protected Areas As National Parks In Russia

National Nature Reserve Lena Pillars is one of the national parks in Russia which is located in the Sakha republic, Russia and was inaugurated in 1995. Lena Pillars has a height ranging from 150-300 meters.

3. Lena Pillar Formed From Various Types Of Rocks

Lena’s pillars consist of various types of rocks, namely limestone, marlstones, dolomite, and slate from the Cambrian. They are considered to be very beautiful karst formations, all of which have been continuously eroded for thousands of years.

4. Having Abundant Wildlife And Plants

There is a lot of geological evidence which states that in the past in the area around the pillar of lena there were many lives such as furry mammoths, bison and marine arthropods which can be found near the lena rock forest, along with other species that have not been seen since the Cambrian era. At present, there are 404 species of plants and wildlife in the forest around the lena pillar.

5. Formed About 400 Years Ago

The pillar of lena was formed around 400 years ago as a result of the erosion of the Cambrian limestone that formed around 530 million years ago. So that scientists consider it as the birthplace of human civilization.

6. There Is A Beautiful Forest Around It

The lena pillars nature park is divided into two parts, namely the pillar and the Tukuklan area, which comes from the Evenkese language which means sand. Therefore, lena pillars are not just rocks, but also beautiful forests. Lena cliffs are paleozoic sedimentary rocks.

7. Located In The Least Inhabited Area In Russia

Lena pillars are located in an uninhabited area. There are only rivers and stretches of desert that flank the cliffs of Lena. However, this place is quite famous among tourists because of its uniqueness and beauty.

8. Rich In Minerals

The soil around the pillar of lena has a wealth of minerals, including precious metals, such as gold and diamonds, as well as iron ore and coke coal deposits, which are the two main ingredients for steel making.

9. There Are Many Fossils In The Rock

The pillar of lena was formed 400 thousand years ago. As time went on, the dead animals around the lena became fossils which added to the peculiarities of the pillar lena.

10. River Lena Is The Eighth Longest River In The World

Lena pillars are along the river Lena. The river Lena is very beautiful with very clear and clean water. This river is the eighth longest river in the world. The beauty of this place is really like a fairy tale!

11. Considered As The Birthplace Of Human Civilization

Archaeological research shows that the first people appeared in these places. Right along the river Lena. Many facts prove this theory, including ancient tools found at the mouth of the Deering Yuryakh River, which is the oldest object on the planet. In addition, many petroglyphs are found on cliffs along the banks of the river Lena.

12. Regarded As A Holy Place

Since ancient times, Russian tribes like the evenk and yakuts tribes, consider this place a holy place. Ordinary people cannot approach rocks, and they are afraid of this, because they believed that the anger of cliff spirits will punish them. They also believe that these pillars are frozen statues of people created by unknown other world power. So, only the elders and almighty shamans have the right to approach these mysterious rocks.

13. As A Popular Vacation Destination For Yakutsk Foreign Tourists And Residents

The red sandstone of the majestic cliffs is partly overgrown with forests, light gray limestone cliffs hang on the water, and a layer of quartz sparkles in the sun. After passing through the desert, you will enter into a dark forest that has not been touched and breathe fresh air. Who can resist the charm? You can see the magnificent panoramas of rocky cliffs that are very unique. The combination of the pillar of the lena, the river lena, the desert, and the amazing forest make it look like an extraordinary medieval castle, like the picture of a soldier who is marching.

Tourists visit this place by contacting travel services in the city of Yakutsk to get a tour guide. Tourists are also allowed to fish in the river Lena. Some travelers also took the opportunity to come here after visiting the famous Lake Baikal, almost 900 miles southeast.

14. Has Extreme Temperature

The climate in this area is very continental with temperature. During winter temperatures can reach -60°C and reach 40°C in summer.

15. Defined As A World Heritage

In 2012, UNESCO announced that the Lena pillar, in Russia, would be the last addition to the list of world heritage. The addition of the pillar lena natural park presents a total of the 25th Russian cultural and natural scenery that is recognized in the list of world heritage.

those are 15 facts of Lena Pillars Nature Park In Russia. Lena Pillars is an extraordinary landscape and Russian pride. If you visit Russia, don’t miss to come to this place. Lena Pillars will make you feel comfortable traveling around the river Lena by boat while enjoying the view of the pillar of lena that you have never seen before.

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