Here Are the Most Favorite Everyday Long Hairstyle of Russian Women

Even though the history of Russia, back to its Soviet Union era, makes the short hairstyle the most common style for women there, long hair is still holding up its place in a lot of women’s hearts in the country. While it is not too hard to instantly sport a long hair by using an extension, Russian women love having it natural. Grown and taken care for quite some times so the hair looks healthy and strong for many kinds of possible stylings. If you happen to have a long hair and feel like it’s time to try for something new, here are the most favorite everyday long hairstyles of Russian women that might give you an idea.

1. Braided

This style is not only practical but also comes as an identity to Russian women. It’s part of their tradition since a very long time ago. You can see this hairdo is used by the characters and symbols that represent the nation like Matryoshka dolls and Snegurochka. Here’s how to braid your hair like a Russian:

  • Part your hair in the middle.
  • Comb both part of the hair to the side and down, over your shoulder to the front.
  • Start to braid from below your ear down to the end tightly.
  • Finish and secure with a hair band.

2. Top Knot

Casual, careless and alluring are the vibes this style is trying to capture. Russian women love to do this to their long hair because it’s quick and easy for an everyday look especially in the summer. It may seem like it can be done even when you’re half asleep, but there are actually steps to make this style wearable to even formal events:

  • Comb your hair up neatly.
  • Pull the hair to the top of your head, right at the crown part.
  • Secure with a hair band, and then roll the loose hair around.
  • Secure with a pin, and then pull some strands loose to give a final touch.

3. Layered

For this one, you might need to visit a salon first if your hair is still pretty straight with even length. Ask the stylist to cut the end of your hair for a layered effect. After you get your hair cut, you can wear the style everyday easily. Just comb to the side, curl the ends a little, add some hair product to hold the curl, arrange the hair around with your fingers, and voila! You are ready to go.

4. Low Bun

This is another casual and easy hairdo for everyday look that the Russian women love. It doesn’t take long to be styled, so it’s a perfect ‘do for you who have tight schedule and are most likely to be in a hurry in the morning:

  • Comb your hair nicely to make sure it’s neat and straight.
  • Part in the middle with your fingers, and then pull back and down to the back of your neck.
  • Secure with a hair band.
  • Now you can play around with the loose part of the hair, whether to roll it up and around the tied part of the hair or part the loose end into three and criss-cross them up to cover the hair band.
  • Secure the loose hair with pins.

5. Wavy

This style will take time, especially for them whose hair is not naturally wavy. You can use curling iron or the old fashioned hair rollers to achieve this look. Use any of the stylers loosely so the end result will turn into waves instead of curls. For an everyday style, you can just leave your hair free after it gets rolled and just use your fingers to style it around. But if you need the wave to stay longer, you can add some hair product like hairspray and such.

6. High Ponytail

Another quick and easy style for your long hair. Perfect for your daily activities and for women who don’t like spending too much time dealing with their hair. All you have to do is comb and pull your hair up to the crown of your head, secure the pony there with a hair band, and then take a little part of your lose hair to go around and cover the band then secure the end with a pin  –  or just let the hair band be, your choice, and you are done!

7. Low Ponytail

You can do this while walking out the door to your car or while running to catch a bus. It is that simple and I’m sure you all are familiar with it. Simply comb your hair to the back; whether you want it sleek or parted in the middle, bring it to the back of your neck, then secure the pony with a hair band. That’s all. This style also goes with any types of long hair; curly, wavy, straight.

Those are the most favorite everyday long hairstyles of Russian women that you can try in case you need some inspirations or feel bored with your current hairdo. Long hair is actually ideal and easy to be styled since it gives a lot of room to work with. Some women avoid having long hair because they think it’s impractical and can be quite a nuisance when the weather is hot. But, once you know the trick, long hair can actually be fun, flexible and definitely going to make you look more feminine. The list above tells that it doesn’t always have to take a long time to style a lot of tresses, you only need to choose the right ‘do, and you are good to go in the count of minutes.

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