Traditions of Eid Al Fitr In Russia

By the end of Ramadan, one of the most difficult months for Muslims in Russia ended also. Why is one of the hardest months? That’s because they have Ramadan in the summer. Its means Muslims in Russia must struggle to fast for almost 20 hours every day. Same as the other country, eid al fitr in Russia symbolizes holiness. A Muslim who succeeds in fasting during Ramadan is like a newborn baby – holy of all sins. During the fasting month, Muslims are encouraged to read and review the holy book of the Qur’an. In addition, people will compete to do good in order to collect the deeds of worship. Read also Popular Drinks During Ramadan in Moscow

At the end of Ramadan, Muslims gather in their mosques and homes to celebrate eid al Fitrin Russia. They listen to the priests sermons then eat the national dishes. Russian Muslims also give gifts to their loved people and fly balloons to the sky. After performing Eid prayers in the morning, Muslims in Russia usually celebrate eid al fitr in their homes for three days in a row.

1. Celebrate With Family

Just like other festive celebrations, the Eid al-Fitr in Russia is a great time to gather with family. Russian Muslims even deliberately saving to prepare for this big day. After pray at the Grand Mosque, they will gather in their homes and spend time with the family for three days.

What is commonly done at home? Unlike Indonesia with the tradition of giving pocket money to the younger. The Russians exchange gifts with fellow members of his family. It’s like a Christmas celebration or thanks giving.

Most of their homes are also decorated with ornamental lights to enliven Eid Al Fitr holidays.

2. Together With Neighbors, Relatives, And Friends

To celebrate eid al fitr, Russians provide sweet snacks for children and hold quizzes and contests. At the end of the celebration, they pray together and fly the balloons to the sky. After that, they went to visit their relatives. Usually so many relatives that sometimes they do not have time to visit them all.

According to this, it is very difficult to keep the tradition of Eid Al Fitr in Moscow as it is a tradition in some regions and rural areas in Russia. In a multicultural metropolis, it is very difficult to visit each other’s neighbors by bringing gifts. Different as in Kaukaus on every night before Eid, children collect candy from homes, filling large baskets with candies, pastries and chocolates. See also Popular Foods in Yekaterinburg

This is actually almost the same as in Indonesia. That the celebration of Eid Al Fitr in the countryside is more pronounced because they has biger community. They are generally still able to visit each other. In contrast to the urban community is very diverse, so it can not blend directly with neighbors.

3. Sweet Snack at Eid Al-Fitr

Candy is one of the main components of Eid al-Fitr. In North Caucasus, even candy orders since the day away. Its because food prices increase at the end of Ramadan. However, the “Celebration Package” that must be in every home during Idul Fitri celebration.

Its not only contains candies and chocolates but also nuts, dates, figs, and other fruits.During holidays, some restaurants and cafes in Moscow even provide pie pies, Azerbaijan baklava and Chak-chak Tatar for free.

In Eid last year (2017), there were at least about 20 companies participating in the celebration of the feast. So that the citizens of Moscow and tourists flocked to taste a variety of exotic dishes. Read also Halal Restaurant in St. Petersburg

According to local residents, the difference in price on holidays in Bashkortostan, Tatarsan, and Mordovia is not so visible. Usually, people make their own cakes, which are layers of Gubad that are layered. There is also a delicious Tatar origin food, Kosh Tele. In addition, there are other traditional foods, such as kebabs, salads and desserts. And lamb meat pilaf cooked in a large cauldron on the street.

4. Eid celebration by Uray People

The native Uray has a mandatory meal. There is soup with Tukmach nood with the addition of boiled meat and vegetables. In addition, there is belesh with chunks of beef and potatoes.

This cake is prepared in a large iron skillet. With pieces of cow and tripe, especially with the cow intestine, Belesh is considered very tasty.

For affluent families, they usually invite imams to read the Koran and pray together at home. Read also Popular Foods During Ramadan in St. Petersburg

5. From Religius Concert, till The Qur’an As a Gift

Eid celebration is not only eating and gathering with family. People usually hold theater performances for three days. There are also religious music concerts, sports competitions, and charity events.

In addition, Muslim fashion stores also hold special contests of the holiday and give discounts to the buyers. Sales of veils, fabrics, accessories and perfumes without extra alcohol also increased in Ramadan.

Muslims in Russia tend to choose books about Islam and the Qur’an as a gift. The best-selling Qur’an commentaries are sold. In addition, coloring books are the most popular gift for children. 

6. Prepare well

In Moscow, the Eid celebration begins in the morning. At 4:00 am, Muslims are getting ready around the mosque, and at 5:00 am, Eid prayer has begun. In order for Muslims not to arrive late to the mosque, in some cities also provided free bus. There are also who come in groups using private cars. Some even accidentally arrived at the location since the night before. While the men prepare mats on the ground, the women prepare the feast day at home, decorate the house, and wait for the guests. This activity lasted for three days.

That’s some of the traditions that were done during Eid Al Fitr in russia. Eid celebrations have similar traditions around the world. Eid prayers in the morning, gathering with family and eating typical dishes. See also Popular Foods During Ramadan in Moscow

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