5 Trends Of Muslim Fashion In Russia

muslim fashion in russiaFashion is a very important thing for some people. “Fashion will show who you are without you having to explain it,” the saying reveals the importance of fashion. Fashion is relative. Everyone has different fashion tastes. And the fashion trend of the world is always changing and growing from year to year.

This fashion trend is usually developed through world fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and others. As well as through print media, celebrities also greatly foster the development of world fashion trends. almost every one worn by celebrities is a trend and highlight of fashion lovers.

Although the fashion trend is developing throughout the world, but still a country has its own fashion peculiarities. Not directly copying the world fashion trend. one of them is Russia. Russian society is very famous for its concern for fashion. They will use the best clothes on every occasion. Although not attending a formal event, Russian people still use their best clothes. both women and men have good fashion tastes. A good looking face coupled with good fashion makes them very attractive.

Besides the country, it turns out that a religion and belief can also make a fashion innovation or reject the fashion trend. In this article, we will discuss Muslim fashion trends in Russia. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and Muslim growth in Russia is increasing year by year. Muslim women are known for their closed clothing. They don’t show their hair, they wear hijab. However, hijab is not a barrier to making you look fashionable. And for those of you hijabers all over the world, some of the following Russian Muslim fashion trends can be used as your style reference. Here are 5 Muslim fashion trends in Russia.

1. Style Of Westernized Hijab

A highly developed fashion trend in Russia is Muslim fashion with a touch of European style. They don’t use abaya or robes like Arab women and other Middle Eastern regions. And fashion designers always try to find Muslim fashion that is stylish and doesn’t look like an old style. This was done to attract the interest of Muslim women to use their hijab every day, especially the young Muslim women. However, of course this hijab style is still in accordance with the rules of Islamic religion.

Muslim women in Russia use the Babushka style as their hijab fashion. And this babushka style is also widely promoted by all Muslim fashion designers in the world at fashion shows. Then, do you know what babushka is?

Babushka is a term for a grandmother or old woman in Russia. And usually Babushka uses a veil tied like a hijab. Of course if you have ever watched Russian films, you have seen women use a veil like that. And this style of babushka veil is the trend. A simple veil with sweet colors and patterns is pretty tied like a ribbon. Usually scarves with silk or satin are often used. And this hijab style is often combined with glasses, shirts, cullotes or skirts. With this style, you will look simple, elegant and fashionable. Of course this style makes you look younger, unlike the original meaning of Babushka.

2. Pinafore Dress With A Shirt Or Blouse

The next fashion trend that is highly developed in Russia is Pinafore dress. Pinafore dress or jumper is a sleeveless dress that is used as an outfit for shirts, blouses or T-shirts. Pinafore dress turned out to be very suitable for use with hijab.

Russian women use pinafore dress solely in a pair of shirts. Or pinafore knee-length dress combined with jeans or leather with a plain shirt or blouse. The hijab style with pinafore dress will give a more girly and elegant impression.

This Pinafore dress can also be used by teens and adult women. For shoes, they are free to choose. Because pinafore dress is suitable to be combined with any shoe. Like flat shoes, wedges, high heels, leather shoes, and sneakers solely. If you want to look more formal, you can use pinafore dress solely with high heels and shirts. If you want to look more casual, you can combine knee-length pinafore with a plain blouse, leather pants or jeans, and flats or sneakers. This hijab style with pinafore dress will make you look very chic and fashionable. Don’t worry, the hijab pinafore dress style is also comfortable and still covers your body.

3. Outer Knee Combined With Cullotes Pants

Outer is indeed the most appropriate choice if you want to look more formal and stylish. Russian Muslim women often use outer if they want to attend a formal event. They use cardigans or cool suits with cullotes pants. They often use matching colors when using this style. Like the white outer and cullotes, then combined with different high heels and hijabs in a patterned babushka style. Or they also often use pastel colors that make it look sweeter.

Apparently the style with this cullotes can also be used to go hangout, ladies! With outer and cullotes, you will look like a real Muslim but still stylish. You can use cardigans, cullotes, and flat shoes or high heels. If you don’t want to use the outer, you can also use a blouse or shirt that makes you more comfortable. This one style is perfect for you to imitate. Don’t forget to combine them with sling bags or pretty handbags, ladies!

4. Long Shirts And Blouses Tucked Into The Skirt

Skirts are a characteristic of women. For those of you who are more comfortable using a skirt, this Russian hijab fashion can be your choice. You can combine a skirt with a blouse and a shirt tucked into a skirt. It would be more beautiful if you choose a skirt that is slightly loose or flowery. This will make you look slimmer and feminine. You can also combine it with flast shoes or high heels. Russian Muslims are very charming with this style. Are you interested?

5. Long Dress With Pastel Colors

Pastel color has become the trend of Russian Muslims in 2016 until now. Pastel colors give the impression of sweet and girly. Not only bosses and subordinates, Russian Muslim women also wear long dresses with various models and motifs. Florals are the one they like the most. They often combine it with babushka or pashmina style scarves. You can mix style with a dress with a small waist strap to make it look more fashionable.

Apparently, Russian Muslim fashion is getting the world’s attention. because Russian Muslim fashion successfully blends Islamic nuances and western styles that make you look fashionable. In fact, a Russian fashion Muslim designer, Rusudan Kobyakova said that the demand for closed clothes is not only from Russian Muslims, but also Russian non-Muslims who prefer closed styles. Some of them consider open clothing outdated. Muslim fashion has attracted many women.

Those are 5 muslin fashion trends in Russia. for you Muslim women all over the world, do you want to look more fashionable with hijab? Then the 5 styles of Russian hijab above can be a reference for you. even though it looks fashionable, but you still dress according to Islamic rules.

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