4 Must-Know Facts About Musical Taste of Young People in Russia

Hello, young people all over the world! You must like music, right?

Everyone in the world at least liked one song. A song that someone likes is usually a song that has certain memories. Or it could be another song which has no meaning, but they are without excuse even so liked that song. Especially for young people around the world. In fact, they could have a favorite song with more than one song. Young people around the world certainly have musical tastes that may be different from older people.

Then what about young people in Russia? Do they have the same musical taste as young people in other countries? Let’s look at the must-know facts about the musical taste of young people in Russia.

Musical tastes of each person are certainly different. Differences in musical tastes can be influenced by several factors, including age, ethnicity, national origin, culture and many other factors. There are some countries that have special musical genres that can make people able to guess where the music came from.

Young people certainly have their favorite song genre. Even these young people can fall in love with singers who sing the songs they like. Then, what kind of genre is the musical taste of these young people? Almost all of the young people around the world love pop music.

Similarly, the musical tastes of young people in Russia. They have their favorite musical tastes. In this article, I will discuss the 4 must-know facts about musical tastes of young people in Russia.

  • Young People in Russia Prefer to Like Music That Is Not “Musical” At All

Russia has a characteristic song lyric accompanied by original music from Russia. Usually, the song has a story or plot about local folklore. The genre of songs in the music industry in Russia in the past was more in the classical and opera genres. Although there are also genres that are slightly more modern, including rock, metal and pop. Many have said if the songs were in Russia in the past and the present have many differences. Especially in terms of song lyrics.

There are also some people who think if the music that existed in the past will sound outdated to be heard in the present. Maybe that is what affects young people in Russia so they prefer music genres from abroad. From the West, for example.

  • Russian Youth Follow International Trends

Western culture and culture from other countries that entered Russia turned out to have an influence on the music industry in the country. Although there are many people who love original music from Russia, in fact there are many who choose love music from outside Russia. Culture of foreign music that has become popular in Russia includes western pop, songs from Bollywood, Canto-pop, KPOP, JPOP and other genres that are also well-known in other countries.

Young people in Russia also followed the development of the music industry which began to get cultural influence from outside Russia. At this time the young people in Russia prefer modern music like hip-hop music, rap music, pop music and more. One of the reasons that might make young people in Russia prefer and follow the international trend is because the international music feels more modern and not outdated. Is this the reason that makes you also like music from international trends that exist today?

  • Russian Young People Really Like Rap Music

One of the musical cultures from the west that entered Russia is the rap music genre. Young people in Russia love rap music as much as fans in other countries. Many people judge rap music is music that can not be enjoyed and tend to contain criticism. However, in fact not all rap singers use criticism or protest about something as the theme of the lyrics of the song they sing. That is the reason many people also decide to become fans of rap music. Rap music was actually already has many fans in the country since the 90s. One of the most famous singers in Russia who sang with rap was Oxxxymiron.

Oxxxymiron or whose real name is Miron Yanovich Fyodorov is a Russian rapper born on January 31 in Leningrad. Oxxxymiron is a rapper who has rap videos with more than 100 million views on YouTube. Oxxxymiron also participated in the Russian league Battle Versus Battle five times and won four of them.

  • Another Genre of Music Chosen by Russian Youth

Like the music genre that is well known in other countries outside Russia, young people in Russia also like other modern music genres besides rap music. The genre is modern pop, foreign rock, pop and other genres of modern music. Many foreign artists whose songs are loved by young people in Russia.

There are some people who argue if one of the reasons many people prefer to like music from outside Russia is because Russian native music has drastically decreased the quality of its musical composition and melody since the 1980s. The original Russian music that is exist at this time is considered not much better when compared to the original Russian music that existed in the past.

And maybe there are still some of must-know facts about musical taste of young people in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 4 must-know facts about musical taste of young people in Russia.

If you are Russian and want to share your opinion about the musical tastes preferred by young people in Russia at the moment, you can write in the comments field below. Stories of you may provide information to others in order to learn more about musical tastes in Russia. Or you can also share stories about what musical tastes you really like as Russians.

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