5 Traditional Beauty Secret of Russian Woman (Let’s take a look!)

beauty secret of russianAs we all have known that Russian women are a perfect human Barbie. They have those perfect features that make everyone envy them. They have a shinning hair, flawless skin and also a proportional body shape. Many of them even become International Top Models.

Actually, there is not only the Russian woman that has the perfect feature but also the man. Globally, the Russian is always have the best featured that the whole world envying. Even they known as born to be beauty, but they also work for their beautiful features. Russian is known with their work in maintaining their beauty.

They swear by many natural ingredients and also not to forget use the best local Cosmetic Brand from Russia. Russian is also known as their natural and homemade skin treatment. Not only investing in the skin, they are also invests in their body health. Sports that are popular in Russia are Yoga and swimming. They do both skin treatment and body treatment, because they believe that beauty is coming from a healthy body and mind. And in this article, we will talk about traditional beauty secret of Russian Woman. There are:

1. Circulation

First thing in Russian skin treatment that believed over century is about the blood circulation. Russian believes, instead of only using natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia, they should keep their blood circulation in a good condition. It is because, with a stabile blood circulation, we will also get the healthy body and also skin. To get a better circulation, it is common to do spa and sauna. It is also popular in the modern beauty treatment all over the world. As for Russian, they also have this kind of traditional sauna called banya. Banya actually is a room that completed with some steam equipment to do the steam bath with some herbs and other natural ingredients.

Doing steam also believed to decrease the appearance of the vein so it makes the skin looks smoother and tender. In addition of the Banya Ritual, Russian usually uses some herbs and there is one most popular ingredient to add in the steam. Russian loves to use coffee to steam. Because coffee is a high – contained antioxidant, it can be benefit to maintain the skin and also keep the skin revitalized. And of Course, it makes the blood circulation better along side with the steam. And we now know that Banya is most favourable skin care in Russia for women.

2. Hair

Next beauty feature of Russian women is their hair. They are known as human with a beautiful and shinning hair. It is all thank you to the traditional and routine hair care that they do over centuries. They have their certain hair care at home. Russian usually loves to use homemade hair mask to get all the shinning looks, well hair growth and also the thickness.

Beside the home – style hair care routine, they also uses popular Russian products for natural hair care. Russian usually uses mustard and some oil essence and herbs to mix and use it as the hair mask. Mustard is the most popular ingredients for body care in Russia. Some Russian even use vodka to masking their hair. They also do some head steam in order to make the circulation on the head better. So, taking good care of your hair is also good investment according to the Russian traditional body treatment.

3. Face Mask and Scrub

Beauty can’t be separated with the face. And the beautiful face is not free to get. There also work s and struggle in getting the beautiful face and maintaining them. For Russian, one of the most important things to do for the face is by giving it a good treatment by masking and scrubbing. The love to use a homemade face mask and scrub instead buying the commercial product of the natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia. They believed that a fresh and homemade mixture will give you the best result. Strawberry is the most popular fruit to use as face mask. It also easy and not complicated to make it. You don’t need any tools and other ingredient to make the face mask. Just take a strawberry that bite the tip off then rub the rest to your face. Let the mask on your face for about 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water then cold water. As for the scrub, it is popular to use sea salt and herbs or herbs oil. The mixture will peel off the dead skin and give you a smoother skin.

4. Cleansing

Other important thing is all about cleansing. As we know that a healthy skin comes from a clean skin. So, the Russian has been maintaining their skin cleans over generation. They will clean their face as soon as they arrived at home. Most crucial thing is when you go to bed; you should make sure the face has been cleaned. Because going bed with make up just give you more skin problem.

There is no such certain ritual in cleansing of Russian women. They just make sure to clean their face then wash it with facial foam or facial wash. Cleansing is also one of the beauty tips of Russian women to prevent wrinkles at young age. So, with cleaning your face you will also look younger for longer time.

5. Ice

The last thing in Russian beauty routine is using ice to make the black circle under the eyes disappeared. Press the ice cube around the face, and it will make your eyes look fresher. It also uses to make the pores look tinier because you applied the makeup on your face.

Those are the 5 traditional beauty secret of Russian Woman we can apply at home.That thing actually is a simple thing, but we usually make an excuse as person that busy so that we can’t do such thing. So, make sure to be a more diligent people to be beautiful.

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