12 Surprising Facts of Education For Girls in Russia

education for girls in RussiaRussia is a place for the World Best education systems. Every people can pursue their education from the early levels to a college or university levels. And the government has provided best facilities, even for the elementary degree until middle degree the give free tuition. So, it’s very common to say that Russians are well educated nation.

In relation with the education equality between girls and boys, it is fairly equal based on the fact that about 37% of girls have properly higher education. The girls in Russia have good intelligence and also great visual. Those factors are more than enough get better jobs. For further information about education for Russian girls, below are 12 surprising facts of education for girls in Russia:

1. Russia has highest rates of literacy

Among most of western European countries, Russian is considered as the country which has highest rates of literacy. The number shows that Russians literacy is up to 98% in general. The people are aware of the newest information through books, magazines and other knowledge source. Especially in terms of girls awareness, they are get used to read in their free times. The expense to buy books a month is equal to the knowledge they get from it.

2. The country state run the education system

In facts, Russian government state is the party that handles all the education system. They make a curriculum plan, arrange the best method for teaching education, and evaluate the outcome. Every resident has the same right in education levels, no difference between girls and boys, from early stage of school segments – preschool/ kindergarten levels, primary levels and secondary. Those three segments are free.

3. Russia provide both private and state schools

There is no such thing as inequality between genders to attend the school, both it is private or state schools. Girls are free to choose either private or state school based from their family economic background. As private school is considered to be more expensive than common state school, the facilities they get would also be slightly different.

4. Russian women have a higher education degree

The government in charge of education marked that 37% of Russian women have a slightly higher education than men, while men are 29% in total number. The difference is just eight percent lower. The women get the formal education until the college degree. It also not surprising that most women get the P. hd degree, so that they can be professional worker in a good company.

5. Russian women have equal role both in career and housework

Although they have higher degree, it doesn’t mean that they forget their nature as housewives. They can do multitasking role, and surprisingly are able to get success in combining those two things.

6. Discrimination still exists in the job industry

Although the rate number of women who get higher education is bigger than men, it cannot be the standard of getting better job than men do. In fact, they are still getting the unfair treatment from the early selection. Even when getting accepted, the possibility of getting promotion is hardly to get.

7. Math and science are the favourite subject by the girls in Russia

Russian girls prefer math and science than other subject. They think that those two subjects are the key of success in conquering the fieldwork. Besides, the standard of Russian education system is high especially in the two subjects.

8. Vocational training programs is not well suited for girls

As the result shows that in a real job industry, a work related to men requires much physical effort or actions. Thus, in vocational training programs, the curriculum tends to be practice more than just theory. In other words, they are being prepared for the real work field by giving the practice that almost similar, in term of situation and kind of work.

9. After graduated, girls in Russia mostly work as tutor or teacher

In fact, the nature of girls tend to be more patient in handle emotion, thus the work that suit them best is becoming teacher or tutor. The psychological condition really influence the way they pursue career. And it is natural for girls later to be mother, they will have the strong bonding with their students.

10. Demographic plays important role in education

It is surprising since in reality we still find the stereotypes of gender differentiation. In some universities, you might find that there are departments where there are no female students or no male students. Usually a department which is related to girls has no male students or just a few of male students, for instance faculty of foreign language departments. While a department where is related to boys like technique departments has no female students since it is related to male strength and physical.

11. Girls prepared by a womanhood subject

Don’t be surprised of this fact, because as the country of well-educated people, the elder generation is still believe that women should act based on their nature. No matter how high your education, as long as you are woman, you should keep your home clean, tidy, also be nice to your husband and take good care of your children. Thus, in some school, there is a lesson about womanhood. Here, you are being taught about how to do the housework properly.

12. Women’s salaries are lower than men

It is such a contrary, such a real discrimination that the girl’s education which seems better than another country but when they enter the job field, the salary that the women get is lower than expected. The issue of gender once again still become the nation’s problem, and it needs to be resolved. Also became the problem is that the women can’t manage into managerial position regardless how smart and qualified they are.

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