6 Informations for Local Traditions of Russian Scarlet Sails

In Russia, there are celebrations for all young people in a romantic festival. The festival enters the best festival in the world. Congratulations will be given to those who have just graduated and will begin their adult years. This festival is held annually with thousands of people from various countries coming to attend. This festival is called the Scarlet Sails Festival. Some informations you must know for local traditions of russian scarlet sails are:

1. History of the Scarlet Sails Festival

The Scarlet Sails Festival was first held in June 1968 with a concept based on the story of Alexander Green, Scarlet Sails, which is about a young girl who lives with simplicity and lives in a fishing village. The girl has a dream to see the world.

Then, one day the girl was told by a magician that there would be a ship with a red screen that would come and take her away. However, when he told him what he dreamed of, he was even ostracized and insulted by the surrounding community. Until one day, a nobleman’s son and boat captain passed the fishing village to trade.

The noble’s son fell in love when he saw the girl from a distance. After searching deeper about the girl, the noble’s son intended to realize the girl’s dream. Therefore, a red sailing ship that sailed in the waters of the Neva became a symbol of the morning of young people who believed in their dreams.

His first performance was attended by around 25,000 young people. This festival is held in June, during white nights. After walking a few years, then when in 1979, the festival was temporarily suspended. This festival was only held again in 2005.

2. Details of the Scarlet Sails Festival

The Scarlet Sails Festival is also known as The White Nights Festival. The Scarlet Sails Festival is divided into two major concerts at Dvortsovaya Square and spectacular performances on the Neva River. This festival is open to the public, but for non-school graduates, can join through Vasilievsky Island and enjoy the festival’s main performances.

The spectacular main show will last for 20-30 minutes with various elements such as fireworks, light, orchestras, water shows and the appearance of ships under the red screen. The ship will sail around the waters of the city of St. Peterseburg. Starting in 2009, the ship with the red screen was “Tre Kronor” Sweden. The show was able to bring the Scarlet Sails Festival to win awards in the “Best City Events” category.

3. St. Petersburg City

St Petersburg, which was founded in the 18th century, was once the capital of Russia. St Petersburg was built to become a bridge from the slack of countries in Europe. With the existence of the Scarlet Sails Festival, visitors in the city of St Petersburg increased by 3 million. To be able to enjoy the Scarlet Sails Festival, you should go to St Petersburg on June 15-25, because the Scarlet Sails Festival will be held in that time frame. Don’t forget to bring your cold clothes, because on that date the air there still feels cold.

4. Tips for you who will watch the Scarlet Sails Festival

Some places will certainly be crowded with people who also watch the Scarlet Sails Festival, the Neva Embankment near the Palace Square, the Troitsky Bridge, and the tip of Vasilievsky Island. If you want to watch clearly, you should come to these places earlier. In addition there are also several other places such as the beach in front of Peter and Paul Fortress, Hermitage Bridge, and Birzhevoy Bridge.

5. Beautiful Trams in St. Petersburg – Russia

In the city of St Petersburg there are terms that you can use as public transportation. Initially the term was built as a solution to the riots that occurred between horse carriage companies. The existing term system is the development of a car driven by horses.

The term in the city of St Petersburg was once the term with the largest network in the world, which is around 340 km (210 miles). The term is also an icon of this city. Term inspiration comes from terms in Moscow, America and England. In 2015, there were around 41 routes in the city of St Petersburg. Here are some of Beautiful Trams in St. Petersburg – Russia:

  • LM-68M

LM-68M became the first term in St. Petersburg. This term was produced in 1973 until 1988 by PTMF. LM stands for Leningrad Motor. LM-68M is durable, wide, long, and works with multiple traction systems.

  • LVS-86

LVS-86 is a term made by one of the Russian companies. LVS stands for “artificial articulation tram Leningrad” in Russian. This term has a route along 1,524 mm and runs with an electric motor as the brake. LVS-68 has 27 seats that can accommodate up to 327 riders and is very secure. The term with this model is able to be connected together and controlled through one cabin.

  • LVS-57

This third term is made by the Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory or PTMF, company that modify models in Russia and carry out maintenance. The shape of this term is slim and very classy so it gets the nickname Stilyaga (Стиляга Russian) which means “The Dandy” for its outward appearance.

The term that began to be used publicly in the 1950s will pass the Leningrad, Kiev, Tashkent, Gorky, Magnitogorsk, Saratov, Arkhangelsk, and Nizhny Tagil routes. This term is included in the term with a slow trip, so you will enjoy the scenery that passes.

6. Best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist

After you know about the Beautiful Trams in St. Petersburg – Russia, you also need to know about the best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist when you will visit in St. Petersburg to enjoy the Scarlet Sails Festival. One important consideration of hotels entering the best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist is price. Overall, hotel prices in St. Petersburg are very cheap compared to Moscow. Some of best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist are:

  • Okhtinskaya-Hotel

The rooms at the Okhtinskaya-Hotel hotel are very cheap, starting from € 30 per night.

  • Hotel Rinaldi

The rooms at this hotel are indeed more expensive when compared to Okhtinskaya-Hotel. One of the causes of the high price of this hotel is its location in the center of Vasilyevskiy Island

  • Hotel Roses

This last hotel recommendation has a middle price of the two previous hotels, which ranges from € 38-50 for the standard double type.

So, It’s informations for local traditions of russian scarlet sails which is held annually in Russia in June. This article can provide some important information for those of you who are interested in visiting Russia, especially St Petersburg in June. You have to put the Scarlet Sails Festival on your vacation list, because it has spectacular performances and beautiful art shows.

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