All You Need To Know About Russian Ushanka

When we talk about an army or a large number of soldiers, we must think about military operations. During the military operations, they use many weapons to protect themselves and to attack the enemies. Of course, they need to go through many physical and skill training to get prepared to face their enemies and to defend themselves. Not only they have to be physically strong and healthy, but they also have to build a strong mentality and skills.

Besides the weapons or other means they use for their advantage during conflicts or wars, another way to protect their body is by wearing good uniforms. A part of the uniforms such as bulletproof vest is useful to reduce the penetration of explosions to the body. This vest is worn on the torso. Your torso is not the only part of the body that needs protection. Yes, an explosion is very dangerous and able to kill the army. But, learning from the Winter War between the Soviet soldiers and the Finnish army, the things that caused the failure of the Soviet was not only their less-sophisticated weapons but also their uniforms.

It was winter time when the war happened and their uniform did not provide enough warmth for the army. Many died during the Winter War. That is why after the war, The Red Army (The Soviet Armed Forces) got their uniforms redesigned. They learned from the Finnish to add Ushanka, a fur hat with ear flaps, into their winter uniforms. It was a replacement of Budenovkas, their prior hat that made of wool. We see how important it is the Ushanka for the Russians that it is even a part of the military uniforms. There are many other things we can learn about this Russian hat. Here are all you need to know about Russian Ushanka.

Things To Know About Russian Ushanka

  • The Parts And The Way To Wear It

The name Ushanka came from the Russian word “ushi” which means ears. The name speaks for themselves for this hat has two ear flaps on both sides of the head. So, there are three parts of the Ushanka, there are the round crown, the two ear flaps, and the visor. There are strings on both sides of the ear flaps. These strings make it possible to wear the Ushanka in three different ways.

The first way is to tie the strings under your chin. That way you can cover and protect your ears, jaw, and lower chin. The second way is to tie the strings on the top of your head. The third way is to tie the strings behind your head. This particular style is called the “ski-style”. Just like the name, this is the best style of wearing Ushanka when you are going to ski. It gives you great visibility while protects your head from any blunt objects. You can just choose from those three options based on your occasions.

As mentioned before, Ushanka is very common among the Russian army. Nowadays, the hat is not only worn during the winter but also in their everyday duties. The army also wears it in the different ways described above. But, they cannot make the decision on how to wear it. The only person entitled to make this decision is the unit commander.

  • The Materials

The basic material of Ushanka is skin or fur of animals. The most common materials are sheepskin or the fur of rabbit or muskrat. But now you can also find many Ushankas made of faux fur or “fish fur”. Although it is not an original fur, it is claimed the material provides the same warmth as the original one, do not look fake, and even give you the same feel of the original fur. To create those similar effects and benefit, the manufactures usually use the mix of acrylic polymers with other polymers. There are extra benefits if you buy the faux Ushanka. It is easy to wash and dry, also more long-lasting (because of the synthetic material). All you need to know about Russian Ushanka, especially the faux version, is that you can get a more stylish look without worrying about its maintenance. It is also a guilt-free product for animal lovers because there will not be animals got hurt or killed during the making process.

  • The Popular Brands

One of the reasons behind the manufacturers’ decision to make faux Ushanka is the increasing demand for this hat. There are many people who love the uniqueness of Ushanka and make it as their everyday fashion. This is, of course, a good opportunity for many famous brands to set Ushanka as part of the trend. That is why many popular brands such as American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Channel, and Ralph Lauren have used this hat. They promote this hat as an animal-friendly fashionable hat. This kind of promotion, especially among today society where the awareness of animal-friendly products keeps improving, is very effective. It is now a part of the fashion industry, not only in Russia but also internationally. You can imagine how popular this hat is, especially in the places with super cold weather.

  • The Online Markets

We can buy our needs very easily through online markets. All we need is our mobile phones, laptop, or computers and internet connection to buy even from the abroad markets. The same thing goes for Ushanka. This product is available in so many online shops and since the wearer not only the adults, online markets provide a various size that is suitable for grownups and kids. Besides the size, you can also choose the color. The option is very wide. For those who like bright colors, you can choose the one with white, yellow, or orange color. If you prefer a darker color, don’t worry, you can also find a classic color like black or grey. All you need to know about Russian Ushanka is that it is a stylish hat that you can wear for your outdoor activities – skiing, snowboarding, or just walking around – while feeling warm and comfortable, as well as looking fashionable. The online markets also let you choose between the original or the faux Ushanka. If you want a more durable and affordable hat, you can buy the faux hat. But if you want to buy the original one, it is okay, too. Just make sure you choose the one you want.

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