10 Best English Courses in Russia 2018

learn english in RussiaEnglish is the international language in the world. It is a requirement for everyone who wants to communicate effectively with people from around the world.  Speaking English means opening up to previously unknown opportunity. You can get a new friend or make a business deal with a foreign company.

Russians are aware of the importance of English. As one of the influential nation in the world stage, knowledge in English is crucial for Russians. The Russian Language is difficult, but to Russian, English is even more since it’s a very different language. But this doesn’t stop them to achieve fluency in English. University graduates will find a job more easily if they pass an exam in English, such as TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS. There is always a high demand for skillfull workers proficient in English. You can find here what Russian companies seek in an employee.

English in Russia is taught in school from an early age. But for some, English class in Russia’s basic education system is not enough. This is where a language school comes in. There are plenty of English training centers in Russia. Some of them are locally founded institution, with the rest are international institutions such as EF English First.

Here are the 10 Best English Courses in Russia 2018:

1. English Courses at EF English First, Moscow

EF English first is an international language institution founded in Sweden. The institution focus on education in the English language. It is not only the 10 Best English Courses in Russia 2018 but also the world. To this day, EF has many branches in 116 countries, including in Russia. EF in Russia spreads among its major metropolitan cities, and some of them are located in smaller cities.

EF in Russia offer various courses depending on the student proficiency level. Teachers are combined with local teachers to native speakers. EF also offers preparatory courses for English tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Within their own institution, EF has its own test called EF Standard English Text.

2. English Courses at AAA English Language School, Moscow

AAA English Language School pride itself by being an English Language Center that focuses on quality. They have small classes consist of 6 students, 100% native speakers for its teacher, and high tech equipped classroom. The teaching materials are adopted from Oxford and Cambridge courses. And they offer courses depending on students goal in English.

– General English for children to adults
– Academic English
– Business English
– Financial English
– Legal English
– Conversational English
– Courses for Tests preparations

3. English Courses at Wall Street English, Moscow

Wall Street English is a learning English center located in Moscow Russia. The language center is founded in 1972 and has several branches in Moscow. They offer assistance for students to improve and learn their English. They boast an efficient curriculum and flexible schedule. Students will be taught by several methods, communication-based, training approach, and project method.

Courses available:

– English for adults
– Business English
– English for study abroad
– IELTS Preparation
– TOEFL & TOEIC preparation

4. English Courses at BIS International School of Business English

BIS international school is located in St. Petersburg Russia. They have the most comprehensive courses catered to any type of student. Besides standard courses, they have custom one such as individual course and intensive course. BIS international focuses on learning English with the engaging curriculum so the students will never be bored. They have classes and courses available from children to adults.


– General English
– IELTS & TOEFL Preparations
– English for children
– English Summer Camp
– Business English
– English by specialization
– Individual and Intensive Course

5. Orange Language Centre, St. Petersburg

Orange Language Center claims that learning English is like a vitamin to the body. English is as important as vitamins. And the way you get vitamins is from orange, the fruit, and this language center.

Orange Language Center has an educational partnership with Cambridge. This means that students can take preparation and Cambridge tests exams. Cambridge exams are one of the prestigious international certifications for the English Language.

– General course
– Intensive Course
– Phonetic Course
– Weekend Course
– English for children

6. Smile English School

Smile English school is one of the popular and best English courses in Russia. The school has branches both in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They offer classes for all ages, individual and corporate. Smile English School focuses on English training as early as possible.

Their technique in teaching English is the game technique, which focuses on student engagement and interaction. Teachers are all English native speakers, with certification and specialized in teaching. Apart from children-focused courses, Smile English School also have courses for adults and exam preparation.

7. Wanderlust international language center

Located in Moscow, Wanderlust International Language Center offers not only English education but also several others foreign languages. Apart from English, prospective students can choose to study French, Spanish, Germans, and other languages. They highlight the quality of teaching, modern method, and effectiveness in learning languages. Teachers are native speakers, with some speak no Russian.

– IELTS Preparation
– English classes for kids
– courses for teenagers
– English for adults

8. English Unlimited

At English Unlimited, unlike other English learning center which put emphasis on kids, the courses here are all targeted for adults. There are intensive training for individuals, corporation, and preparations for exams. There are also native speakers session held every Saturday.

– General Courses
– Conversation course
– Business English
– Corporate training
– Individual session

9. iSpeak center

iSpeak center is an English learning center located in Moscow. This learning center mainly targets adults for its student base. They offer training for business English, and the teachers are certified and trained native speakers. They offer private lessons, study group, or English training for large organizations.

– Group Classes
– Individual Lessons
– English for organizations
– English speaking club
– TOEFL exam preparation
– General English course

10. English courses at universities

Universities in Russia usually have their own language center. This can be convenient for existing students since it means they don’t have to search an outside institution for their English training. Price can be more affordable too especially at state universities. Universities’ English clubs can also help for improve the language ability. Depending on the university, students can also benefit from the large number of international students, especially the one coming from an English speaking nation.

Which Universities has good English programs? Almost every major university in Russia. Check here for the most popular major in Russia.

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