Why Does Red Color be a Part of Russian Life?

A color is often considered to be just a color without meaning. But without realizing it, actually each color can represent a meaning for certain countries. It could even be that meaning is a deep meaning for the country. People will not think that any color can have the history of why the color was used.

Each country usually has its own purpose why they chose a color to become a symbol of the country as well as the colors of the flag. Despite having the same color, each country can have different meanings. Because basically each color can represent many meanings.

As well as with Russia. There is a color that is very meaningful for the country. One of them is red.

Do you know about the meaning of red color in Russian? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. For that, let’s see why does red color be a part of Russian life?

As we know, there are so many colors in the world. Even that color is not just a color. Each color can basically represent many specific meanings. Each country also has its own understanding in identifying a color.

If you see a country’s flag and symbol, of course it has color, right? The colors in the country’s flag and symbol are not just any color. Every color that is there has a meaning and is so meaningful to the country.

Certain colors that have meaning can also be found in Russia. One color that has meaning in Russia is red. When you go around Russia, you will often find something red. There is indeed a red color seemed to have become part of Russia.

But, do you know why the red color seemed to have become part of Russia? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about it. Therefore, this article will discuss why does red color be a part of Russian life?

  • The Meaning of Red Color in Russia

As we know, red is the primary color which can also be used to create other colors. That is a prominent color and also becomes a bright color. This color is also very closely related in history and culture in Russia. Red color is also said to be the brightest color in Russian and also the colors that have a positive meaning.

In Russia, the red color comes from the word “krasni”. The word was used to describe something good, honorable, and beautiful in the past. The more modern language in Russia to refer to the word beautiful is “krasivi”. It has the same root word as the red word in Russian.

  • The Meaning of Red Color in Soviet Mythology

In general, red color in Russian has a meaning that is included in the positive meaning. Besides having a general sense in Russia, the red color also has the meaning contained in Soviet mythology. The red color in the Soviet mythology is regarded as the color of blood.

This blood is the blood of the working class that has spilled in the struggle against capitalism. People in the Soviet Union have long been immersed in red symbolism even since they were children. Starting from the age of 10 years until teenagers at least they will use this red color on one of their school uniform attributes.

  • The Use of Red Color in Public Places and Cultures in Russia

The use of red color is very easy to find when you visit Russia. There are many public places and cultures in Russia that use the word “red” as the name of the place, and there is also the use of red as the color. Let’s talk about it.

In Russia there is a famous place called Red Square (Krasnaya ploshad). It is square and also where the good destination choice for tourists and locals when in Moscow. According to local residents’ beliefs, this place was named Red Square because it started with the beauty of the Cathedral of St. Basil. The use of red color is also commonly used in Russian traditional clothes and also clothes that are commonly used by Russian women.

  • The Use of Red Color in Everyday Life Russian Citizens

In addition to public places and culture in Russia, the use of red color is also used in everyday life of local citizens of Russia. For example, in the everyday clothes of Russian women. You will easily find various types of everyday clothes to all kinds of accessories, all of which are red. The red color will give a distinct impression when worn into clothing or other accessories.

You will also be able to find red traditional clothes when there are celebrations in Russia. Many of the souvenirs from Russia were sold and have a red design. It also influences the red color on the Russian flag.

  • Why Does Red Color Be A Part of Russian Life?

So, why the red color became part of Russian life? The red color becomes part of life in Russia because it contains many important meanings. The meanings in red in Russia are included in the positive meaning. The word “red” in Russian has a beautiful and also deep meaning. Although in the past, the red color in Russia was more associated with the color of blood that came from the struggle of Communist opponents.

And maybe there are still some of why does red color be a part of Russian life that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about why does red color be a part of Russian life. Is the red color also including your favorite color?

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