Russian Outlook on Red; How Important that Colour for them?

Do you have a separate outlook for a color? Either in your favorite color or about other colors that you see. Everyone can have their own outlook in assessing and interpreting a color. Many people sometimes hate and also like a color for a certain reason. They could even do that without being based on […]

Why Does Red Color be a Part of Russian Life?

A color is often considered to be just a color without meaning. But without realizing it, actually each color can represent a meaning for certain countries. It could even be that meaning is a deep meaning for the country. People will not think that any color can have the history of why the color was […]

8 Meaning of Color Red in Russian Culture

When asked what color is associated with Russia the most, most people will, without hesitation, pick the red color. It is understandable. Some people instantly got reminded by The Red Square, with the candy castle like St. Basil Cathedral. Others will associate the red color to communism, in which Russia is famous for during the […]