Russian Foods To Help You Loose Weight Fast

Having an ideal body is the dream of all women. Not only in Indonesia, it turns out in Russia women there also have tips or special foods to help weight loss you know. You can also go on a diet in the style of Russian women by consuming certain foods. If you are curious, see the explanation below. Here Russian foods to help you loose weight fast :

1. Horseradish

Russian women believe that foods such as tubers are able to make them lose weight. Its because they can burn fat in the body. Russian usually eat the horseradish with fish. They also make horseradish into a cream sauce to use as a salad dressing. You can also try to simple recipe for Russian salad that include horseradish as the main ingredient.

As other vegetables such as potatoes, horseradish has a low calorie and fat content. Its light and savory texture is more suitable for consumption as a side dish. Horseradish mixed with salads is very effective for diets. This is because horseradish is effective in removing fat. This dish is often consumed as a dessert. Especially after eating oily and fried foods. A glass of horseradish contains only 15 calories and 0.1 grams of fat.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable plant with layers and hard leaves. This vegetable grows in moist mountainous areas. Not only as a normal food, it turns out that cabbage is effective for diet. This is because cabbage has a high water content that strongly supports people who are dieting. The body’s need for water can be obtained from cabbage. Cabbage also helps accelerate the metabolic system in the body. The faster the metabolism in the body, the easier it is to lose weight. Like green vegetables, cabbage is also rich in fiber.

Russians usually consume cabbage by processing it into soups or salads. If you have cooked cabbage into fresh soup or a delicious salad, you will not feel the pain of dieting. Russian women likes cabbage because there are many kind of foods that contain cabbage. Its such as cabbage soup, for example.

Behind the fresh flavor and abundant vitamins, cabbage contains acids that prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat. Therefore, Russian women usually consume cabbage in the form of salads, various typical Russian soup preparations called Schi soup. Even, that soup include favourite foods in Russia during spring.

3. Kefir

Kefir is a flat stomach maker because of the content of probiotics that can accelerate weight loss. Increase consumption of dairy products, such as kefir, associated with a lower body mass index, a smaller waist circumference, and less body fat. Kefir is rich in protein. Protein helps you feel full longer, and boosts your body’s energy expenditure. One glass of low-calorie kefir contains about 11 grams of protein.

If you put kefir into the diet menu, you will consume fewer calories than you burn every day. This is what will make you lose weight. The best kefir for weight loss is low-fat fresh kefir. This is because they contain fewer calories and unsaturated fats. Low-fat fresh Kefir will give the body a natural sugar, without artificial sweeteners. Try to avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners when you are trying to lose weight. Low fat kefir, if consumed in the recommended amount, is a healthy addition to your weight loss menu. Kefir is suitable for snacks between meals, which will meet your daily milk needs.

4. Cucumber

Many healthy food include cucumber in their menus. It is the core ingredient in salads and soups. Cucumber contains 95 percent of water and low in calories. Besides that, cucumber is also rich in fiber, so it is suitable as a healthy snack that is filling. The desire to eat will decrease if the stomach is full. This means that calorie intake can also be limited. This is what makes Russian women routinely consume cucumber during the diet process. The famous process of cucumber in Russia is classic rusian salad, which is a mixture of thinly sliced ​​cucumber, red onion, and sour cream. Russian salad also known as olivier salad that one of the most delicious vegan foods in Russia.

Cellulite usually appears after giving birth, because of being overweight or the accumulation of fat in certain body parts. Cucumber can help get rid of cellulite which interferes with appearance. This vegetable helps remove excess fluid buildup in the body while compacting collagen in the skin. Many people says eating or placing pieces of cucumber on the skin help the cellulite removal process be more effective.

5. Greckha

Russians are known as fans of bread. There are many types of bread in Russia that become Russian staple food. These include white bread, black bread, and whole grain bread. Russians who are passionate usually consume wheat bread as breakfast. That’s because wheat bread has more fiber than white bread. Some bakeries that sell wheat bread usually add several types of grains or fruits to support the appearance and supplement the nutrients in the bread. Wheat bread is rich in ingredients that are beneficial for body health and beauty. One of them is the efficacy of wheat bread for diet and anti-cancer.

Grechka is a typical Russian oatmeal that made from wheat. This porridge is usually consumed by boiling or steaming with additional vegetables or fresh fruits. This oatmeal can make carbohydrate survive and be digested longer in the stomach. It is very good because it can make us survive the temptations of appetite.

That’s some Russian foods to help you loose weight fast. We can get that foods easily in Indonesia. Try cooking it with a little spice like salad and Russian soup. Then your body will feel the benefits.

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