Travelling Tips! 5 Ways to Get Around Moscow Easily

Let’s travel and vacation! Do you plan on vacation? What will you do with your vacation time?

Maybe I can give you advice on the destination of the country to spend your vacation time. You can travel to Russia, especially to Moscow.

For those of you who have never visited Moscow, you can put this city as your destination location for traveling and on vacation. For those of you who have visited Moscow, maybe you can plan a visit back there. Just a tip for tourists, let’s look at a discussion about ways to get around Moscow easily.

Moscow is the capital of Russia. Moscow is also the most populous city in Russia and one of the largest cities in the world. The city is a major economic, cultural, political and scientific center in Russia and Eastern Europe. There are also many tourist sites that can be visited by tourists.

Moscow is also the busiest city in Russia because the city is a flight transit network that includes 4 international airports. In addition, Moscow is also a transit network for 9 train stations, many trams and various types of transportation commonly used in the city. The architecture in Moscow is very famous in the world. If you are curious about the beauty of the architecture, it would be a good idea to include Moscow in your list of tourist destinations.

Those of you who really plan to go to Moscow are usually still confused and wondering about how to get around the city. Just for your information before going to visit Moscow, let’s look at travel tips for tourists, 5 ways to get around Moscow easily.

  • Let’s Travel Around Moscow By Metro

Metro is a public transport that is used by local residents as well as tourists who visit to Moscow. The tourists prefer to use the metro because it is easier, more convenient and more affordable. The existing Metro consists of 12 lines. Each line will be colored which will be a direction for tourists who cannot speak and read Russian letters. The Metro will start operating from 5.30am to 1.00am the next morning.

Moscow is a city which is the busiest in Russia. There are many city streets with crowded traffic. That is why metro is the right transportation choice to get around the city of Moscow. You as a tourist do not need to feel the traffic jams and crowded streets during rush hour in Moscow.

  • Try Traveling by Train in Moscow

If you come to visit Moscow as a tourist who wants to get around the city, you can use the train. You can choose to use an ordinary train or use a fast train. Using the train will also make it easier for those who want to visit other cities in Russia through Moscow.

In Moscow there is a famous train route. This route is a Trans-Siberian route. The longest route in the world. This train route will take you to travel from Moscow to Vladivostok. A long route might make you a little bored and tired, but the natural scenery of Moscow and other cities in Russia that this train goes through will give you a special impression. To be able to enjoy trips using Trans-Siberian, you can buy tickets online or through the airport counter.

  • Let’s Get Around the City in Moscow By Bus and Trolleybus

For those of you who really want to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Moscow, public transportation such as buses and Trolleybus could be your choice. This is also included in the popular transportation used by tourists who come to Moscow. When you choose to use this transportation, you need to pay attention and look for information in advance whether the bus and trolleybus can reach the location you are headed. Even though most of the points there can only be accessed by bus and trolley.

By using a bus or trolleybus, tourists can visit the suburbs of Moscow which may not be reachable by train or metro. In Moscow, you can find some corner of the city with a bus route.

  • Try Traveling Around the City on A Tram in Moscow

Do you not want to go around the city by bus and trolleybus and want to try other transportation? If it still makes you confused, you can choose to use the tram. By using the tram, you as a tourist can still enjoy the atmosphere of Moscow because this transportation is similar to a train but has a rail that is in the center of Moscow. Many people believe if the tram could include the convenient transport even though it is public transport.

Besides being able to take you to enjoy traveling around Moscow, trams can also take you around the city in Russia because trams can be your transit before choosing other transportation in Russia. There are lots of very famous tram routes in Moscow.

  • Travel Around Moscow With Fixed-Route Taxi

Now there are many tourists who choose to use taxis that have a fixed route. Its use is almost the same as using Uber. Taxis with fixed routes in Moscow can you order online through the application. When you order through an application, the costs you incur can be seen by yourself in the application and you will avoid ordinary taxis which can add other fees at any time to your bill. This will really help you if you don’t speak Russian.

But the crowded streets of Russia sometimes make people who come to Moscow prefer alternative transportation to avoid congestion. Even so, you can rely on taxis with fixed routes in certain situations.

And maybe there are still some of tips for tourists and the ways to get around Moscow easily that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out tips for tourists and the ways to get around Moscow easily.

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