Let’s Go to Siberia! Here Are Tips to Travelling Around Siberia Easily

Do you want to visit a place for a vacation? Or are you thinking of going on vacation abroad? Let’s Go to Siberia! For those of you who want to go on vacation abroad, maybe you can try visiting Siberia. The area in Russia has many interesting places that you can visit as your vacation […]

Travelling Tips! 5 Ways to Get Around Moscow Easily

Let’s travel and vacation! Do you plan on vacation? What will you do with your vacation time? Maybe I can give you advice on the destination of the country to spend your vacation time. You can travel to Russia, especially to Moscow. For those of you who have never visited Moscow, you can put this […]

6 Things Worth Knowing Before Coming to Dagestan

This part of Russia is definitely not included in the most favored places to visit by travelers. Like its neighbor, the Republic of Chechnya, Dagestan has a bad reputation of safety related to their groups of Islamic extremists that were known to spread terrors across Russia. Many countries still advised their citizens to avoid going […]