5 Popular Russian Public Transportation for Tourists

Do you like to travel? Which country or city is your favorite when traveling?

For those of you who like to travel to a city or maybe to a country, you will definitely find out about public transportation there. And it could be for those of you who travel too often to have your favorite public transportation.

Have you ever traveled to Russia? Maybe some have and some have not. To add to your information about public transportation in Russia, let’s look at popular Russian public transportation for tourists.

As a tourist, the thing to do when visiting a city or a country is to get around. By going around, a tourist will be able to enjoy the surrounding scenery and typical buildings there. To be able to enjoy it all, of course you as a tourist need a transportation, right? And that can be your choice is public transport in the city or country you are visiting.

If you have never visited Russia, maybe this country can be included in the list of countries that you must visit. When you visit Russia to make the trip, you should know what kind of public transportation there. In Russia there are various types of public transportation that you can choose as a tourist.

There may be many people who are still wondering about what transportation is often used and became popular among tourists visiting Russia. To find out about it, in this article I will discuss 5 popular Russian public transportation for tourists.

  • Metro

Do you want to go on a trip to Moscow when visiting Russia? If so, the metro can be a public transportation that you can choose.

Metro is one of the commonly used transportation in Moscow. By going to use the metro, you as a tourist trip will be easy and affordable. Even before you take the metro, you can wander around for a while in the metro station because the architecture is very beautiful. This metro station is also a tourist attraction for you.

Russia has a metro station of around 177 stations. Metro will start operating normally at 5.25 in the morning until 01.00. You must remember before traveling by metro, print a map of the station if you do not speak Russian. It is quite difficult to get a map with English. Also prepare cash because credit card payments are often rejected for various reasons.

  • Bus – Trolley Bus

Other public transportation which is also popular among tourists is the bus and trolleybus. By using this bus and trolley bus, you as a tourist can enjoy the views of the cities in Russia. The bus you are riding can reach up to the Russian suburbs. There are many bus routes that spread out at some point. Buses in Russia have screens that can show the next stop. But sometimes it doesn’t turn on at night.

For those of you who don’t understand about the trolleybus, it is a transportation that is similar to a bus but the trolleybus is run using electricity from overhead cables. Trolleybus is a kind of combination between bus and tram. The trolleybus route network owned by one city in Russia, Moscow, is the largest network in the world.

  • Tram

Public transportation is becoming popular among the tourists is the tram. A tram is transportation that is similar to a train but it has a rail that is in the middle of the city. Trams include convenient public transportation. This became a very common transportation in several major cities in Russia. In addition to being your main public transportation to get around the city in Russia, trams can also be a transit because almost all of these tram routes pass through the metro station or also the train station.

The most popular tram route in Moscow is Route 17. It is well known and popular because Route 17 is one of the fastest routes. There are also many routes with the most beautiful tram lines. One of the most beautiful is Route 39. The route stretches and passes through many houses and also old estates in the historic center of Russia.

  • Train

If you plan to go to a city in Russia which is quite far, you can choose to use the train. Traveling by train has become a favorite of many people while in Russia. Travel by train in Russia will give you a special impression. There is also a high-speed train that will take passengers to the city center. To be able to get this train ticket, you as a tourist can buy it online or buy it at the counter at the airport.

Russia has the longest railroad route in the world. The route is known as Trans-Siberian. Trans-Siberian is a train route from Moscow heading to Vladivostok. Because of the longest route and many train routes in Russia, many people assume that if all the rails are connected it will be able to cover the equator twice. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Fixed-route Taxi

Another popular transportation among tourists is taxis that have fixed routes. This is increasingly popular as well because now there are many online applications that can be used to order taxis with this fixed route. Many tourists who do not speak Russian would prefer to use this type of taxi.

By booking through the app, you will be made easy and of course more affordable when compared to taxis booked through a regular phone. Using a taxi with a fixed route will prevent you from random drivers who often add other costs beyond the actual costs.

And maybe there are still some of popular Russian public transportation for tourists that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the popular Russian public transportation for tourists.

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