Relaxing Your Mind by Visiting Patriarchal Garden in Vladimir Russia

For those of you who are too busy with your work or activities, you often feel tired and want to rest. But there are also people who feel tired and choose to visit a place so that their minds feel relaxed. Usually, a place that can relax the mind is a place that has a beautiful natural scenery.

Throughout the country, there are countless places you can use as an option to relax your mind that feels tired. One way is to visit a city garden or something similar in your country. Russia also has many beautiful gardens that you can visit.

There are some beautiful and calming garden views in Russia. For example, it is the Patriarchal Garden. Have you ever visited the beautiful garden? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know and come to visit the Patriarchal Garden. For that, let’s see about relaxing your mind by visiting Patriarchal Garden in Vladimir Russia.

In addition to the expanse of sea and beach, looking at the expanse of green grass can indeed calm the mind that feels tired due to the many workloads. Especially if there are many trees that make it shadier. This kind of scenery can be found in gardens, parks or similar places.

As we know, there are many types of gardens that exist throughout the world. Starting from a small and narrow garden to a very large garden. There are also gardens that only have shady trees and grasslands to maintain its beauty, and there are also gardens that have a special modern spot for visitors.

One country that also has many beautiful gardens is Russia. In Russia, you can find lots of beautiful gardens both in big cities in Russia and on the outskirts of major cities in Russia. An example of this beautiful garden in Russia is the Patriarchal Garden.

Have you ever heard of the Patriarchal Garden? Or maybe you have visited the garden while in Russia?

But I think there are still many of you who don’t know about the Patriarchal Garden. And maybe you are also curious and wondering about the beauty of the garden. To answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about relaxing your mind by visiting Patriarchal Garden in Vladimir Russia.

  • About Patriarchal Garden

Patriarchal Garden is a garden located in Vladimir, Russia. Precisely on the southern slope high in the center of ancient Vladimir, it was next to the Koslov fortress. The area of the Patriarchal Garden has an area of up to almost 4 hectares.

Patriarchal Garden offers views of the gardens were very pretty and calming. You will be able to see the expanse of the field covered by green grass and some shade trees. On some sides, you can see special points that have designs that will make you even more comfortable being there. Thanks to its unique landscape and microclimate, the garden makes it possible to create the richest collection of plants.

  • History of The Patriarchal Garden

Historically, the Patriarchal Garden is estimated to be more than 400 years old. It has been confirmed by an archival document. This garden, which is owned by the Nativity of the Virgin monastery, was in the late 16th century.

Patriarchal Garden is managed by the ancestors because it is still part of the monastery. In the garden, higher-ranking clerics like to rest. That’s why this garden is called the Patriarchal Garden. Whereas during the 17-19th century, this garden was also known as the Bishops’ and the Synodal. Patriarchal Garden which has passed through the ages, is still preserved and become a tourist attraction for tourists visiting Russia.

  • Patriarchal Garden in The Soviet Era

Patriarchal Garden also has a story when Russia was still in the period of the Soviet era. Once the Patriarchal Garden was nationalized and until the 1940s. Then after the severe snow and extreme winter that occurred in Russia in 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1941, the garden became a garden that suffered, and even tended to be miserable.

When before the Great Patriotic War, Patriarchal Garden is left without supervision. The trees that were there were left frozen and some were even dried. During this time, many trees were cut down to become firewood in homes or hospitals.

  • Plants in The Patriarchal Garden

Typically, the garden will be synonymous with the green grass that stretches and also lots of shady trees. Neither is the Patriarchal Garden. There not only have plants that look exotic. You can also find common trees or plants such as apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, and bushes as well as other fruit trees.

The most interesting thing in the Patriarchal Garden is the cherry tree (it is also a priority there). There are several types of cherries in the Patriarchal Garden, including Saikal, Bel, Roditeleva (or also known as Vladimir Cherries) and several other types of cherries.

  • Patriarchal Garden in The Season in Russia

On the Patriarchal Garden you can see the different sights and sensations in several seasons in Russia. For example, in the spring to fall, the Patriarchal Garden will have a view filled with color and also fragrant because of the blooming flowers. With views of the garden like that, Patriarchal Garden is suitable for use as a wedding photo spot and for those who just want a romantic walk.

And maybe there are still some of relaxing your mind by visiting Patriarchal Garden in Vladimir Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know relaxing your mind by visiting Patriarchal Garden in Vladimir Russia. Has the Patriarchal Garden succeeded in your interest to come to visit this beautiful garden?

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