9 Best Hotels In Nizhny Novgorod: A Guide To Aid Your Quality Travelling Sleep

nizhniy novgorod hotelWhen you’re traveling, one of the most important aspects you should plan is your accommodations. Traveling is fun, but let’s be honest, it can be tiring sometimes. By the end of the day, you’ll want to a comfortable bed to rest into. So comfortable that you will sleep soundly. And the next day, you wake up feeling fully recharged, ready to resume your adventure.

Thankfully, travel is way easier now compared to some decades ago. Booking a room at a hotel is only one click away. Anywhere in the world, you will get plenty of options. Websites will present you with various choices. Facilities and rates included. Many hotel companies compete against each other to provide the best experience for their guests. You are also able to read reviews from former customers. It makes your travel planning such a breeze.

Nizhny Novgorod is no exception. You can find more than enough nice hotels here. This Russian city is famous for beautiful churches, historic monuments, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In between exploring these wonder, having a wonderful hotel to stay is important. Here are 9 best hotels In Nizhny Novgorod to be taken into your consideration. Do you know that Nizhny Novgorod is one of the cities worth to live?


1. Courtyard by Marriott

Big bed, white linen. An old school down-to-earth hotel with 4-stars facilities. Rates start from USD 70 a night, it’s considered cheap for such luxury. The hotel has a lobby bar, fitness room, and a restaurant. It has excellent reviews from former guests. Location wise, Courtyard is within 14-minute walking distance to the top destination of Nizhniy Novgorod, the Kremlin. It’s also close from Nizhegorodsky State Art Museum.

2. Sheraton Nizhny Novgorod

Sheraton Nizhny Novgorod is all you need if you’re looking for rooms with a balcony overlooking the city view. The five-star hotel includes free breakfast with every book. It’s located just the opposite of Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin. You basically just need to cross the road. The rate is triple what you paid at mid-range hotels, around USD 100-150 per night. However, with such facilities and strategic location, you can’t really complain.

3. Aleksandrovskiy Sad

Aleksandrovskiy Sad translated as Aleksandrovskiy Park in English. Could be taken from a public garden with the same name in St. Petersburg, this hotel will also give you a beautiful experience while staying here. Expect free parking and breakfast, among its many facilities. Aleksandrovskiy Sad it’s also close from Victory Park and Gorky Museum.

Just in case you’re wondering why there are so many Gorky monuments or museums in this city, Nizhniy Novgorod is once named after Maxim Gorky, a prominent author during the Soviet Era.

Budget to Mid-range

4. Hampton by Hilton

If you’re looking an accommodation that is a good value for money, you can book a room at Hampton. A part of the Hilton chain hotel, the three-star hotel offers a free breakfast buffet and fitness room among its amenities. It’s 2 km from Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin, but a bus stop is just around the corner and you can start doing more things in Nizhny Novgorod. Rate starts from USD 52 or 3400 Rubles.

5. AZIMUT Hotel

A four-star hotel, you won’t believe how the hotel charges only half of the price of similar range hotels such as Marriot. Yes, you can book a room at 1990 Rubles, yet you can get a room with a river view. It’s close to the riverbank of Oka River, and only a short distance to the city center. If you find a shopping center or markets in this city, don’t forget to buy Nizhny Novgorod souvenirs. It’s also within a walking distance from Gorky Monument.

6. Joy

A very casual hotel that will give you a homey feeling. It looks more like a regular house than a hotel. It’s located in a historic district. The yellow outdoor paint and red bricks are especially charming. The interior is something else. It gives you a different vibe than a regular hotel. It has more personality, with a shabby chic pattern wallpaper, paintings, and the kind of blanket a Russian grandma would recommend you. It has a Russian sauna too!

If you want a hotel that gives you an authentic experience, Joy is where you should go. The rate is considered a budget too, at around 1700 Rubles per night.

7. Marins Park Hotel

At 2367 Rubles, you’ll get a bright airy room with fridges and flat screen TVs. The location of Marins Park is strategic, overlooking the Oka River. It has a sauna and a 12-minute walk to Nizhniy Novgorod train station. It’s also close to the Nizhniy Novgorod football stadium.

8. Nikitin

If you’re looking for a hotel with industrial 19-century style, go to Nikitin. The building is easy to spot with its red bricks exterior. It’s located in the confluence of Volga River and Oka River, also just across the street of Nizhniy Novgorod Stadium. You should also not miss its restaurant which also decorated with the same old-word style. Although it may look old school, the hotel is equipped with modern facilities such as free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

9. Ibis

Ibis is your choice if you’d rather choose a hotel that is sleek, modern, and with minimalistic, clean interior. Ibis, located close to Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin, will lavish you with facilities such as restaurant, bar, and free Wi-Fi. Rate starts from 2394 Rubles a night. The hotel is also close to the tram stop and the subway station.

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