The Differences Between Russian School Systems and Ours

Education is an important thing in human life. Even this becomes a basis in life. Education not only can we get from school, but also from other things that you may not have experienced during the school years.

The education applied at each school in each country is certainly different. It is influenced by the government, culture and other things. The difference in treatment in education in schools in each country is often referred to as the school system. Similarly, with Russia.

Russia also has a school system that is different from that in other countries. Have you ever heard or found out about it? Surely those who don’t know it will wonder about the differences in the Russian school system with those in other countries. To answer your question, let’s look at the differences between Russian School System and ours.

As we know, education can be learned not only formally in schools. We also can still get other education outside of school. The education we get can be used as much as possible in our lives.

This time, we will focus in discussing education in schools and the differences in the school system. Differences in school systems in each country can also usually affect the activities carried out at the school. There are so many factors that can affect the different school systems in each country. One example is due to the influence of government factors.

Russia is also a country that implements a school system that is different from other countries. Russia has its own school system. There are some striking differences about the Russian school system compared to ours.

And I think there are still many people who do not know about the school system in Russia. To answer your curiosity about it, in this article we will discuss the differences between the Russian School System and ours.

  • There Is A Knowledge Day Celebration in The Russian School System

As we know, there are days in our school calendar where that day is celebrated as Education Day. When that day, there were several schools that held special celebrations by making free hours after the ceremony at school. And there are also those who celebrate with a carnival using the theme of education.

In Russia, there is also such a celebration, but there is a difference with ours. That day is called Knowledge Day and First Bell. The celebration is held on September 1 every year. At the Knowledge Day celebration, Russian students will sing and dance. This is done to instill enthusiasm in school students for the coming year.

  • Different Levels of Education in The Russian School System and Ours

The difference between the Russian school system and ours is about the level of education. If in our school system, schools apply 12 years of study, then the Russian school system applies 11 years of study. Another difference is in situations where students want to continue their education. In the Russian school system, the student must complete the secondary school level for another 2 years.

The level of education in our school system consists of elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools which are then continued at the university. In the Russian school system, the level of education consists of primary and secondary schools. After that students can choose whether to continue their education to a vocational school or non-university institution that is there.

  • Type of School in The Russian School System

Another difference is also found between education that applies the Russian school system and ours. The difference is in the type of school. If in our school system there is only one type of public school, in Russia there are three types of schools. They are called Schools, Lyceums, and Gymnasiums. The explanation is as follows:

  1. Schools, only teach basic courses even though they can also teach about art or physical education.
  2. Lyceum, this is a school that specialized in Mathematics and Science.
  3. Gymnasium, this is a school that specialized in Language or Humanities.

Not just any school can be called the Lyceum and the Gymnasium. In order to become both types of schools, certified and highly qualified teachers are needed.

  • The Difference Between School Uniforms Used in The Russian School System and Ours

In using school uniforms there are differences between the Russian school system and our school system. Our school system still applies to wearing school uniforms, starting from kindergarten to high school. Even school uniforms that are worn in one week also have several types.

The modern school system in Russia has not used school uniforms since 1994. It’s just that there are still some schools that still regulate the clothes students use in the classroom. The clothes most commonly used by students are white shirts with dark colored pants or skirts.

  • Final Grades of School in The Russian School System

Every level of education is usually ended by a final examination. The results obtained by the student is in the form of test scores. But this is slightly different from the school system in Russia. If in the school system we recognize the final score (GPA), then in Russia students will get the term otlichniki. In Russia, the final result of the student final exam is not in the form of a GPA, but uses the terms 4 categories, namely Dvoechniky (students who fail), Troechniky (students with satisfying grades), Horoshysty (good students), and Otlichniki (awards).

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about the differences between the Russian School System and ours that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about the differences between the Russian School System and ours.

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