How ‘Hard’ is the Personality of the Russian People? 

If we talk about the personality of Russian people, more often than not, we will frequently use an expression of Russian ‘hard’ personality. Russian individual is like a mystery waiting to be uncovered, in light of the fact that numerous boundaries integrate in their spirit. 

The entire world knows Russian unobtrusiveness and persistence from situations when individuals lived in horrendous states of destitution and mortification. In any case, when the desperate populace ascends to an uproar, it goes till the end. Crazy mental fortitude and penance for ‘common’ (particularly homeland and country) is a very Russian attribute. 

Distrustful Mentality

Russian interests are often out of material world. Consequently, their stance on cash and businesses ranges from suspicious to negative. Primary things for them are soul, goodness, and truth as per one Russian precept. 

They have enthusiasm to everything mental, to the profound feeling of the universe appears in adoration for philosophical discussions and debates. What is more, Russian hard personality is an aftereffect of earnestness, since Russian individuals would prefer not to swindle others with fake niceties. 

Russians have faith in their otherworldly karma. Numerous things, and some of the time most inconceivable innovations, succeed simply because somebody had faith in a miracle and went for irrational risk. There is a one of a kind Russian idea that implies, “Maybe it will abruptly work?!” and brightly shows their mentality. 

Cold arranging and figuring are not for Russian individuals. They are pushed by brilliant bits of knowledge and flighty thinking. Nonetheless, they acknowledge desire and persevering – a true love of a work, yet not going for benefit. 

Private and Individualistic

It is highly important for them how other people see them, and to be similarly as great as others. Social climbers have an uneasy way, since individuals naturally attempt to run them over due to their prosperity, yet in addition due to the distinction from others. That being said, Russians consistently feel for poor and penniless individuals, and give them a charity. 


The Russians were substantially more prone to distinguish themselves as self-reflective. However, this quality is not connected to depression. Truth be told, it is on the contrary: The self-reflective Russians had less indications of discouragement compared to others. 

The Russians would be more confined in their self-reflection — and that is exactly what they found. They are not just less bothered while reviewing an awful encounter, they pondered the occasion in a more advantageous manner, keeping psychological distance from the emotional subtleties. They dissected their emotions, yet with separation, and this separation cradled them from depression. 

Behaviour Patterns

There are some standards of Russian conduct you may find different from those you are used to. A few things may stun you at first. Two things that you will frequently discover are the way that Russians can appear to be very discourteous and that they rarely grin out in the open. Inconsiderateness in open circumstances is considered normal. You may experience it at stores, at the mail station or public transportation. 

Grinning at outsiders is an irregularity in Russia. 70 years of history showed them not to confide in anyone and to watch their very own region. Simply recall the well-known Soviet publication “Ne Boltai” (Do not Chatter) and you will comprehend the foundations of not grinning at new people. 

There is likewise an acquired thought from “Village Russia” that individuals who grin for reasons unknown must be blockheads. Nonetheless, while individuals will, in general, be self-observer or forceful outwardly, you will find that they are very kind and supportive in the event that you get past their first doubt. 

Try to keep going to a similar market, a similar bank, and a similar cleaner again and again, continue grinning and do say “hi” and “goodbye” each time you show up and leave. They will eventually start acknowledge you and will start to grin back. They are regularly not used to individuals being amiable and decent to them and your endeavours will be valued. It might simply require some investment, so do not give up. 

Russians appear to have an altogether different idea of standing in a line. They will, in general, be pushy while jumping on public transportation and in the metro, you will find that individuals attempt to jump on while others are as yet attempting to get off. 

The equivalent applies to lines at meat and cheddar counters in general stores, where it tends to be hard to make sense of where the line starts and who is there first. At the point when you go to cover utility tabs at a Russian bank, you may find that when it is nearly your turn, a couple of individuals will show up and simply plunk down while hanging tight for their turn.  

Moving on to the next, houses doorways, rest rooms, and some other open regions may not be all around thought about. You may, for instance, see a lovely condo in a structure with a feeble passageway and soiled staircase. In Soviet occasions, this was not the situation: the boulevards and open regions were spotless and littering was fundamentally incomprehensible. Present individuals do not appear to think about whatever occurs outside of the points of confinement of their lofts. Be that as it may, things are gradually beginning to improve.  

Another information worth to disclose, drivers in Moscow are commonly forceful and you may find this really overwhelming on the off chance that you originate from a nation where drivers are neighbourly and keep the principles. In Russia, there appears to be a thorough soul associated with driving — everyone needs to be the first to take off from a red light. 

That is just how hard the personality of Russian people is. One of the stunning viewpoints about living abroad is the open door that one needs to encounter another culture. Russia appears to be where the inescapability of globalization is clear, yet simultaneously, Russian nation personality contains a lot of unique approaches that are astoundingly and remarkably its own. 

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