All You Need to Know Before You Give the Bouquet to Russian People 

Have you at any point asked why Russians give bouquets of flowers so as often as possible? Furthermore, why all bunches in Russian flower deliveries comprise of an odd number of flowers? If you are curious about it, keep on following this article because we will cover all you need to know before you give the bouquet to Russian people. 

Gift for Any Occasion

Russians give bouquets of flowers on all events. It does not make a difference whether you go to a wedding or visit your companions, regardless of whether it is somebody’s birthday or New Year, a bunch of roses will consistently be a perfect present. 

Obviously, it does not mean they give only bouquets on every one of the festivals yet a lot of flowers will be brought as an extra present in 90% of cases. Typically, Russians offer bouquets of flowers to ladies yet it is permitted to present flowers to men as well, for the most part for their birthday celebrations. 

Another flower giving-custom can be seen on September 1st when the school year starts and a large number of students carry lots of flowers to their instructors. Students in college bring flowers as well, though the custom is not so striking in colleges. They generally offer flowers to their teachers after finals as a token of gratitude.  

In the event that you are welcome to remain over in a Russian house, it would be exceptionally decent to offer a bouquet of flower to the house proprietor. Normally, the ready-made bouquets can undoubtedly be purchased in any flower shops yet on the off chance that you need to make a bundle without anyone else utilizing retail blossoms, be cautious with the quantity of them because it must be odd. 

Odd Numbers of Flowers

Pretty much every Russian believes that showing a considerably number of flowers may cause burdens and even demise upon the individual to whom the present was given. This superstition tails them from the good old days. 

One who may be an absolute pragmatist can jeer at the individuals who keep away from dark felines and contend with froth at the mouth that all the otherworldly marvels can be clarified by science yet at the same time, when it comes to buy a bouquet, this individual will most presumably purchase an odd number of flowers. 

The Superstition Behind the Number of Flowers

Russia is a nation that is new and imaginative from multiple points of view. Nonetheless, it is additionally a nation that is saturated with convention and superstition. Indeed, even the most devoted previous socialist can in any case be controlled by these old customs that direct how one ought to act in any occasion. 

The superstition that a significantly number of flowers inflicts woes returns to hundreds of years. As per one of the hypotheses, agnostic Slavic believed that even numbers spoke to the finish of the existence cycle, that is, passing. 

Thus, the current existing saying, “Беда не приходит одна” (Trouble does not come alone). At the point when someone kicked the bucket, their family members put a much number of flowers onto their grave. Odd numbers, despite what might be expected, symbolized life and were viewed as charms against insidious spirits. 

A Bouquet for Funeral

The convention of putting a wreath with four, six or eight flowers onto the grave is as yet alive. Russians purchase memorial service wreaths for burial services, yet in addition for some Orthodox occasions, when it is standard to visit the grave of perished family members. 

Generally, kids partake in the service. Obviously, they see the wreaths, they see the quantity of flowers, they may be told about its importance. Flowers tail Russians for the duration of their lives. 

They offer bouquets of flowers to new moms. They give bouquets of flowers for birthday celebrations, for weddings, for Women’s day, and in any event, for Christmas. They offer bouquets of flowers to ladies and to men, to hosts and to companions, to instructors and to specialists. What is more, they offer bouquets of flowers to the dead. Only one extra bloom has such an incredible effect. 

General Guidance of Giving a Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are excellent. However, what is increasingly significant is that flowers are symbolic. As written above, bouquets of flowers tail Russians on every single unique event. That is why knowing the etiquette of giving a bouquet of flowers is vital, particularly in the event that you live in Russia. 

So, here is general guidance of giving a bouquet of flowers to Russian: 

  • Remember to always give an uneven number of flowers except if it is a burial service, all things considered, you should bring much number of flowers (the standard is for up to twelve flowers, yet a great many people will tail it regardless of whether they give a big bundle, for example, 51 roses for the 50th Birthday). 
  • Give a ton of flowers. Russian individuals love flowers. You cannot turn out badly with an excessive number of flowers 
  • Know which flowers are legitimate for which event. 


It may be hard for a stranger to comprehend why bouquet-giving is such a significant aspect, and why it is so profoundly engraved into the Russian mindset, in any case, one must comprehend that the demonstration of giving flowers is exceptionally symbolic.  

For example, the choice of colour. Red is viewed as the most exemplary decision as it is reasonable for any event. On the off chance that you are unsure of a woman’s emotions towards you, or are presently in a stressed period of your relationship, it may be smarter to send pink or yellow roses. 

To the extent bouquets of various flowers go, there are no severe principles to the arrangement. In spite of the fact that the demonstration of giving a bouquet of flowers is a major one in Russia, most beneficiaries would be content with the supplier’s nice thought, and will not read too profoundly into what a mixed bundle contains. 

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