Things to Do at Golosov Ravine in this Winter Season

Golosov Ravine is a significant crevasse in Moscow, Russia, between the Kolomenskoe Hill and Dyakovo Hill. The chasm has a couple of springs and a rivulet spouting at its base. Up in the chasm, to its left side half, there is a Neopagan sanctum, created around two loved “consecrated stones”.

An etymological case has been made that Golosov Ravine was at one time the site of a place of worship to Veles, the Slavic trickster god of earth, waters, woods, enchantment, and the underworld. While this hypothesis has not been affirmed, it proposes some setting for the cunning loaded sylvan legends related to the spot. 

The spooky legends aside, this is one of many spots in Russia worth to add to your bucket list. Yes, it is not always about Red Square and chapels in Russia. There are a couple of irregular things to search out while going into this entrancing nation.  So, explore the things you can do at Golosov Ravine in this winter season by reading the list of suggestions down below. Happy reading!

1. Stroll by the Lavish Forests of Kolomenskoye Park 

Take the Line 2 metro from Novokuznetskaya in Moscow to Kolomenskaya stop, and after a short stroll by the lavish forests of Kolomenskoye Park, you will get yourself eye to eye with the scandalous Golosov Ravine. What is more, in case you are fortunate, you might get a short excursion through time. 

As per Russian folklore, Golosov Ravine is a play area for legendary animals and stories of time travel go back to 1621. The story goes that a band of Tatar cavalrymen turned up at the walls of the Tsar’s castle, lost, befuddled, and disorientated, professing to be a unit of the military of a Crimean khan from 1571. 

Foreseeing destruction in the fight they were battling, they withdrew into the gorge where they were encompassed in a thick green fog. After what appeared to them to be just a couple of moments, they rose 50 years later, to the shock of the Tsar and his men. 

An investigation noted the obsolete hardware they were having and concluded the men were coming clean. Resulting time travel stories have pursued and watching out over the green depths of the Golosov Ravine, it is anything but difficult to concur with the Tsar’s men.

2. Uncover the Golosov Ravine’s Time-Travel Mist

On the off chance that you feel daring enough to go for a stroll in the Golosov Ravine, there are odds that you might be shipped to another dimension. That is obviously if you believe the tales about the spot. Legends said that there is a fog that plummets on the gorge that can trap you for an inordinate measure of time. At the point when you return to civilization, as long as 50 years could have passed. There are additionally legends of huge, bushy, Bigfoot-type animals in the gorge. Whatever your musings on the tales, it is a Moscow’s must-check spot to get some outside air in a brilliant green space.

3. Take a Panoramic Picture from Kolomenskoye Park

Kolomenskoye is a pleasant park and a previous imperial home arranged a few kilometers toward the southeast of the downtown area of Moscow, on the old street prompting the antiquated beautiful town of Kolomna. 

The area overlooks the precarious banks of the Moskva River. This will enable you to do a ton of extraordinary photographs. This is additionally a spot where occasional folk festivals happen: honey and crafted works exchange fairs, religious merriments, and parades. In the event that you attached to the painting, this is the ideal spot for drawing nature, city scenes, and houses of worship. 

The region is rich with restaurants and cafes offering customary Russian cooking in wooden houses. When you visit, make sure you try Russian hotcakes with various filling, some small and big pies, and honey cakes.

So, those are the things you can do at Golosov Ravine in this winter season. All you need to do is stray off the beaten track. Only then you will be remunerated with some cool and extraordinary experiences in Golosov Ravine.

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