7 Ways to Say Apologize in Russian Language

Formal Situation 1. Извините If you are in hurry and hit someone’s shoulder, and you want to apologize you rather use извините (excuse me). извините is more polite and specifically mean (excuse me). Example : А сейчас извините, мне звонят. ‘A sejchas izvinite, mne zvonjat.’ (If you’ll excuse me, I have a call.) Извините, который […]

How to show time expressions in Russian?

Studying terms related to time in Russian might be a little complex, but don’t worry you can learn it slowly from the basic like ordinal number followed with genitive case so you can really understand how to tell time in Russia.  After that you can start learning about time of the day, frequency, and specified […]

Understanding and Asking Time in Russian

In this lesson, you will learn specifically how to ask time in Russian, either time of the day, how long the time will go, and another way to talk about time. Before you come here you can learn the basic about time from ordinal number, genitive case, how to tell time, and time expression in […]

Phrases to getting attention in Russian (like, dislike, love and hate)

In this lesson we’ll gonna teach you how to say ‘like’, ‘dislike’, ‘love’, ‘hate’, because these words can be used in daily conversation as phrases to getting attention in Russian or to show your preference on something. Like If you want to say ‘I like ………’ you can use нравиться which literally means “to be […]