7 Ways to Say Apologize in Russian Language

Formal Situation

1. Извините

If you are in hurry and hit someone’s shoulder, and you want to apologize you rather use извините (excuse me). извините is more polite and specifically mean (excuse me).

Example :

  • А сейчас извините, мне звонят.
    ‘A sejchas izvinite, mne zvonjat.’
    (If you’ll excuse me, I have a call.)
  • Извините, который час?
    ‘Izvinite, kotoryj chas?’
    (Excuse me, what time is it?)

2. Простите

Apologizing for something using (forgive me) is more commonly used in Russia. Простите means forgive me, this word can be used to talking with someone older, someone you don’t know well, someone you would call in «вы», or when talking more than one people.

  • Простите, мне нужно идти.
    ‘Prostite, mne nuzhno idti.’
    (Forgive me, I have to go.)
  • Простите, что опоздал на встречу.
    ‘Prostite, chto opozdal na vstrechu.’
    (Forgive me, for being late to the meeting.)

Informal Situation

3. Прости

You can use Прости as the way you say forgive me to someone you know well or someone you would call in «ты».

Example :

  • Прости, что оставил тебя позади.
    ‘Prosti, chto ostavil tebja pozadi.’
    (Forgive me, for leaving you behind.)
  • Прости меня, пролей воду в твою книгу.
    ‘Prosti menja, prolej vodu v tvoju knigu.’
    (Forgive me, spill water to your book.)

4. Извини

You can say извини as a way to say ‘sorry’ to someone you would call in «ты» or someone you know well.

  • Извини, пожалуйста, я больше не буду.
    ‘Izvini, pozhalujsta, ja bol’she ne budu.’
    (Sorry, I won’t do this again.)
  • Извини, что я взял твою книгу без разрешения.
    ‘Izvini, chto ja vzjal tvoju knigu bez razreshenija.’
    (Sorry for taking your book without permission.)

When You Feel Sorry

5. Мне жаль

If someone is having a problem in their life and you want to say you feel sorry for what happened, or you want to show your sympathy you can use мне жаль (I feel sorry).

Example :

  • Мне очень жаль, что так получилось.
    ‘Mne ochen’ zhal’, chto tak poluchilos’.
    (I’m sorry this happened.)
  • Френки, мне жаль сообщать тебе это.
    ‘Frenki, mne zhal’ soobshhat’ tebe jeto.’
    (Frankie, I’m so sorry to tell you this.)

Other Expression To Apologize

6. Прошу прощения

This word is used when you want to say specifically “I beg you pardon”, and used more in a formal situation.


  • Прошу прощения, я думал, вы со мной разговариваете.
    ‘Proshu proshhenija, ja dumal, vy so mnoj razgovarivaete.’
    (I beg your pardon, I thought you were speaking to me.)

7. Приношу свои извинения

If you want to say “I apologize”, you can use word приношу свои извинения.


  • 2Приношу свои извинения, если это было неуместно.
    ‘Prinoshu svoi izvinenija, esli jeto bylo neumestno.’
    (I apologize if that was inappropriate.)

To Reply an Apology in Russian

After someone said their apology to you, it will be nice if you reply to say that you forgive them. Below i’m gonna give you few expression you can use to show that you forgive them.

  • Я извиняю тебя (вас) – I’m forgiving you
  • Я прощаю тебя (вас) – I’m forgiving you
  • Ничего – No worries
  • Бывает – It happens, things happen

And that’s all about 7 Ways to Apologize in Russian. You can use these seven ways depending on who you talking to, either to someone older, someone you’re close with. Note that you can also mix it with another expression such as when you asking and trying to show time , when you try to get attention from someone, or maybe in daily conversation. 

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