Understanding and Asking Time in Russian

In this lesson, you will learn specifically how to ask time in Russian, either time of the day, how long the time will go, and another way to talk about time. Before you come here you can learn the basic about time from ordinal number, genitive case, how to tell time, and time expression in […]

Declension of The Russian Ordinal Numbers

We have discussed about ordinal numbers in the previous lesson, Ordinal Numbers in Russian Language. In Russian language, ordinal number are numbers that identify the position of objects in the number of similar or identical items. For the next lesson, we are going to learn declension in Russian ordinal numbers. In Russian ordinal numbers, declension […]

Genitive Case in Russian Numbers (forms in nouns and adjectives)

Before we talk about Genitive case of Russian numbers, first of all, let us talk a little bit about Genitive case generally. In Russian language, there are six cases. One of them is Genitive case. In this case, described about the change of nouns based on some situations, such as telling about someones’s ownership in […]

Numbers in Russian Language – Basic form

Numbers in Russian language has two form, cardinal and ordinal. Cardinal numerals are simple word like counting in English such as one, two, and three. This type of numbers are designate to count common things and also as the answer of question Сколько? (how many/much?), that’s the question mostly related to answer that require numbers. […]