All You Need To Know About Vodka Jello Shots

If this is new to you, then it may be surprising but interesting all at once. Liquors can be presented in many ways to spice up the events they are served in. Parties require their hosts to be creative with how they entertain the guests and keep them exciting. Gelatin with vodka or jello shot has become one of the most popular alternatives at parties. This is an amazing combination, fun, and allows you to play a lot. When you make jello shots, you get a very special and vibrant visual effect. Of course, even though they look all nice and colorful, vodka jello shots contain alcohol and should only be consumed by adults. Read on for all you need to know about it.

Jello Shots can be made with all kinds of liquor

Basically, jello shots are jello with a kick – which is alcohol. So, all you need to make these are packs of gelatin, water and bottles of spirit of your choice. If you want to have it the Russian way, then vodka is definitely the liquor to use. In general, it is prepared with a liter of water. If so, reduce the water to 1/3 of the amount instructed at the jelly package, and pour another third with vodka. Make sure the measurements are so that the final result tastes good and is not too strong.

How to make Vodka Jello Shots

  • First put the water to a boil. On medium heat is better. Keep in mind that you need to boil only water, without vodka.
  • Once the water begins to warm to a boil, add gelatin to the water. Leave the water at your own pace to start the boil while keep stirring the gelatin to dissolve.
  • When you have finished boiling the gelatin, turn off the heat then let it rest until completely cooled. When it’s cool, then add vodka. You must be careful that the water is cold, because if it is not, the alcohol evaporates.
  • Finish by placing the mixture in the containers that you intend to use to serve them. Usually small plastic cups are used in the style of a shot, hence the American name is “jello”. Put them in the refrigerator and let the shots rest until they are completely set.
  • The most interesting thing is to make jello with vodka of different tastes and colors to offer more varieties. To decorate and make your jelly shots more attractive, add some sliced fruits when the mixture is still liquid, such as little chopped strawberries, grapes, or mix flavors with another fruits. Have fun experimenting with this delicious shot.

How to enjoy Jello Shots

Well, actually, there are no exact rules as to how one should take the Jello Shots, because they look just like normal jello. But, of course, when it comes to having some at a party you should know how to do it the right way. So here they are:

1. Use a toothpick to loosen the jello off of the glass. You will find places that serve them in real shot glasses where the jello tends to stick to the containers. Since you have to have them just the way you would with liquid shots, try and make sure the jello is loose by running a toothpick around the glass and shaking the bottom off. Then, you can tip it into your mouth. Careful not to choke yourself.

2. Use your finger instead if the jello is served in a plastic cup. The container indicates that the occasion is quite casual and fun, so feel free to use your finger. Pluck the jello out and enjoy!

3. Break the jello in your mouth to prevent getting choked because some jello shots could have higher consistency of gelatin more than the other so it can get really slippery and solid. Remember that it is not regular shot. It is not liquid. It can be quite dangerous to just let it slide through your throat. So, it would be safe to give it a bit of a chew in your mouth before swallowing it.

4. Another interesting fact about jello shots is that they can be served with fruit rinds so you can enjoy them the way you would with regular fruits like oranges, lemons, or watermelon. This can be fun too if you want to match the flavor of the shots with the rinds.

How strong is the alcohol in vodka jello shots?

Although clearly the taste of alcohol in jello shots is not as strong as in regular shots, you can still taste it. The alcohol won’t blend with the gelatin and will hit you right at the first chew. Your tongue will tell you that there are layers in jello shots and the first one is the alcohol. The sour juice fruit and sweetness from the sugar – if added – will approach your palate last.

There are a lot going on in a cup (or glass) of jello shot. From the mix to the physics in the making. So, although the taste of the alcohol can be quite strong in it, which will give you an impression that the level is high and might make you drunk, but the fact is jello shots have way lower alcohol than regular shots and they won’t make you high. Jello shots are supposed to be fun party things you can have quite a few and still keep you sober until the day or night is over.

That’s all you need to know about vodka jello shots. Go ahead and make some at home if you plan to host a party anytime soon. You can experiment and have fun with different flavors of jello to get the combination of colors that would highlight the event for you and make the guests happy.

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