Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok; What You Need to Do There

The Golden Horn is a long narrow bay north of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait of the Sea of ​​Japan, on the banks of which the city of Vladivostok is located. It is a convenient parking lot for ships. There are trading and fishing ports also ship repair enterprises. A cable-stayed Golden Bridge is laid across the bay. Many people visit the bay to enjoy the magnificent view from the bridge as well as other activities. If you haven’t visited the bay, here are some things you need to know about what you can do while in the area.

The Location

Golden Horn Bay literally bites into the northern coast of Vladivostok, most of which is located around. It was here that 150 years ago a small military post began to be laid, which in the future became a large eastern city. With the bay, named so because of its similarity with the bay in Constantinople, many tourists who first arrived in the city of Vladivostok got to a real seaport from the viaduct. You can get to the bay from any part of the city by buses that go to the center.

Looking at the map of the city of Vladivostok, it is difficult not to notice that the bay in fact resembles a horn in its shape. A railway line runs along the entire coast, and a modern cable-stayed bridge is thrown from coast to coast. It is in this area that life is concentrated and the historical center of the city is located. Walking along the long embankments of the bay became people’s pastime in Vladivostok.

Interesting Sights to Visit

Life in the bay area is in full swing. A large number of historical sites and beautiful views made the promenade popular with tourists. Here are the most iconic places you can find around the area:

1. Golden Bridge

For more than a century, residents of Vladivostok have dreamed of connecting the shores of the cape. Khrushchev also tried to make Vladivostok look like San Francisco, and in 1969 he included the bridge in the city’s development plan. They managed to realize their plans only in the 21st century before the economic summit on Russky Island. People who have happened to see Vladivostok before and after the construction would notice that the Golden Bridge has greatly changed the face of the city. It has become not only a key link between the two banks, but also one of the main tourist sites of the bay.

It is best to admire the bridge across the Golden Horn Bay from the observation deck located at the very base of the bridge, near the monument to Cyril and Methodius. To get here, tourists have to prettyly stray by car along the winding streets on the hill. It would be easier to walk directly from the promenade. Along the way, you can take many beautiful photos of the Golden Horn and Vladivostok Bay.

2. Sea Trade Port

Vladivostok Maritime Station is mainly engaged in the reception and maintenance of passenger ships. This place is the best point to see the soul of a real seaside city. Giant liners, fussy foreign tourists, first stepping on the Russian coast, the cries of seagulls, the roar of unloading ships – the life that the seaport lives on is hard to describe in words.

The building of the marine station, from afar resembling a snow-white liner, is located on the northwestern shore of Zolotoy Rog Bay. It was originally built in 1959 on the site of the old station. In 1991, Italian builders restored it, and since then the seaport has been familiar to everyone. Inside, in addition to the international terminal, you can find shops with food and souvenirs.

In recent years, the port of Vladivostok has become a permanent port for tourist passenger ships. For locals and visitors, these dates are equivalent to city holidays. The size of these cruise liners sometimes exceeds a ten-story building. The largest of them is the Diamond Princess cruise ship. Its length is almost 300 meters, and it occupies the entire port.

3. Ship Embankment

If you go from the Marine Station to the north via the viaduct (Nizhnyaya Portovaya Street), then in 10 minutes you can walk to the touristiest place of the city – the ship’s promenade. Walking along the coast of Cape Zolotoy Rog, in a few hours you can get acquainted with the most significant monuments of the city and learn a lot about the history of the founding of the country’s eastern outpost.

The square itself has become a favorite place for skateboarders. And on weekends, tents get spread around the monument – food fairs are held on the square all summer, where you can buy farm products.

Bay Tours

Small private excursions along the Golden Horn Bay are organized for residents of the Primorye and tourists. In the summer they are held every day. You can sign up in the building of the Marine Station or in the area of ​​the 30th pier, which is located opposite the Square of Fighters for the power of the Soviets.

The tour includes a walk through the waters of the Golden Horn Bay. The guide tells many interesting facts from the life of the city and the construction of the Golden Bridge. Tourists will also walk along the seaport and fishing port, admire the Tokarevsky lighthouse, and return to Korabelnaya embankment.

Remember to wear something warm, because even in the summer the temperature above the water is much lower than on the shore. Fortunately, you will be provided with blankets on board and served the opportunity to drink hot tea. It is recommend a visit to such a trip to anyone who is partial to the sea and the history of the city of Vladivostok.

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