Is Ainu a Part of Russian People?

Being a very vast country, Russia becomes the home to so many different ethnic groups. Some of them look very much like European, some are closer to Asian. If you take a look at the map and learn the history of Russia, you will understand why. Among so many ethnic groups, there is one called […]

Unpredictable Facts behind the Russian Names

A person is given a name at birth, and they carry this name with them throughout their life. Since ancient times, people have noticed that the name affects the fate of a person, plays a role in the formation of their character. Most often, the question of choosing a name and its meaning arises when […]

What do Russians Think about Funny Jokes?  

Have you ever initiated to engage in a conversation with Russians for some funny jokes or typical Russian satire? What do Russians think about funny jokes? Their reaction to it could probably a hearty laugh. Perhaps that amusingness is protected behind their cold masks. Possibly there is something in particular about old jokes that makes them feel […]

Why Do Russian Girls be the Best Job Partner?

Having a partner in a job is a thing that often happens in a work team. The existence of a partner in completing a job will certainly make the work more quickly completed, right? At least it will save you a little time. But what if your partner is a girl? For the majority of […]

5 Private Things That Should Not Be Asked When You Talk to Russian Woman

Speaking has indeed become commonplace in people’s daily lives. In a conversation, many people will open up and be happy to answer all the questions asked by the questioner. But in that conversation, there are some things you should know and realize before you hurt the feelings of the person you are asking. When talking […]

Why Do Russian People Love Cooking?

According to foreigners, Russians like to cook a lot of food – often many times more than they can eat. A must-have ingredient in popular dishes is mayonnaise. At first it seems strange to tourists that the hosts may be offended if the guests do not eat everything that they put on the plate. People […]

The Most Brilliant Russian Women of All Time

In the history of Russia, women were never on the sidelines. They ruled, led political games, contributed to the scientific and spiritual life – all these are women who at different times became the heroines of not only Russian but also world history. Here are the most brilliant Russian women of all time. 1. Princess […]

Why Are Russian People Identical With The Serious Character?

If you have seen enough movies, you might be familiar with how Russians are typically pictured in them; tough, cold, up to no humors and serious. Many times they are given roles as spies or villains. But is it true that in reality Russians are always so serious? Why are they identified with such character? […]

Everlasting Summer Game, A Novel You Can Play

Do you like playing games? What type of game do you like? There are many types of games that you can play. Starting from adventure games, sports, boards and other types of games. Both games for men, for women and for both. Every country has a team to develop a game. Of course, each of […]

6 Things that Should be Considered When You Prepare Russian Dinner

Dinner usually becomes something special. That’s because, this is a good time to meet with people who are special after a day of activity. Whether it’s a family up closest friend. Therefore, people will prepare dinner well. Each country in the world has its own special dinner. Similarly, with Russia. Russia has its own preparations […]