Unpredictable Facts behind the Russian Names

A person is given a name at birth, and they carry this name with them throughout their life. Since ancient times, people have noticed that the name affects the fate of a person, plays a role in the formation of their character. Most often, the question of choosing a name and its meaning arises when […]

Before Giving Birth, Check Out These Popular Russian Baby Names

Name is important. It recounts to an account of our identity, what we will be, and turn into. As parents, when naming our children, we should think in all respects cautiously before naming them because it will affect our children as they grow up, particularly in this world of imbalance. Names which are negative and […]

28 Russian Names for Your Beloved Cats

Cat is one of the most popular house pets in the whole wide world. The scientists say that cats have been living with humans for about 12,000 years! Before cats were domesticated, they were worshipped as one of Egyptian goddesses. Dogs were actually domesticated first because they could be used to help with hunting when […]