7 Most Popular Kvass Recipes to Warm Up Your Body 

If you ask the Russian people, which of refreshments they think as Russian national, at that point, 90% will answer Kvass. If you come to Russia and need to feel the environment of the nation, you should taste it.  Kvass is not just a Russian national refreshment. It is a typical beverage of every single […]

Gazirovka; A Kind of Russian Coke Which is Free Alcohol

Many carbonated drinks have been around for a very long time. The most popular one is Coke. This soda quickly gained its popularity and has been everybody’s favorite ever since. It is really easy to find Coke in any shops. Wherever you go to any other part of this world, you can rest assure that […]

7 Popular and Tasty russian Beverages for Children

When you ask for a recommendation on a Russian drink, almost everyone would recommend you Vodka. It’s totally understandable, there’s no other drinks associated with Russia better than vodka. However, vodka is certainly not what you’re looking for if you search something for little ones. Vodka, or any alcoholic beverage of any kind, is certainly […]