4 Ways of How to Make a Russian Boy Fall in Love With You in a Week

Getting a Russian boy can be slightly difficult, but also easy. They are easier to get compare to their counterpart. However, the difficult part is when they directly make judgement on the first sight. So, work hard on this and you will easily get him because there are main reasons to date a Russian man. If you do not know how to handle him in the first meeting, here are 4 ways of how to make a Russian boy fall in love with you in a week.

1. Mind Your Appearance and Scent

Beauty is crucial in Russia. You cannot meet your “right” boyfriend bare face or wear natural make up look, or even no make up make up look. You should show your best, but not too much to make you look so fake. Wearing make up is important as it is part of Russian women beauty. So, bright lipstick color, some eye shadow, eye liner and mascara is a must. If you have fair skin color, you still need to add some foundation and concealer to make your face look smooth. That’s the first thing.

Next, you should dress so well. By “dress,” it means you need to wear dress, but not have to be mini dress. If you love wearing skinny jeans, it is okay. However there is no “plus” in your appearance, even though you have face that kills. Girls who wear dress or skirt are considered feminine and classy whom Russian boy will easily fall in love with.

After wearing make up and dress, make sure you also wear your best perfume that defines you. It can be sweet, fresh, or anything that can draw his attention. Those will make him crazy about you. It is best that you know that right scent or perfume that he loves to smell from a girl. The last, wear high heels. High heels is important to make your feminine figure more intense. If you hate heels, thus, you should be willing to suffer a bit for this right man.

2. Mind Your Attitude

You are no longer a girl that represents your country. Russian boy will give no d**n of where you come from or study your language at the first meeting. If you want to get him, you should be like their girls.

If you have a value that women and men have the same right to choose, you will want to keep away that thoughts from your mind in Russia. Russian boy, especially man, chooses their partners. Thus, you cannot flirt with him first, unless they will look you as no more than a prostitute.

To make it firm, you cannot talk to or approach him first. So, how you know that he is into you? The answer is easy. He will stalk you whenever you go and whatever you do and he will not stop until he gets you. But, you do not need to freak out. This is a good sign. At this time, you should play. Keep reading effective steps how to date a Russian man.

3. Show Time

After you get that right man stalking you and always be near your front door, you should play a little hard-to-get. You should show that you are a little bit disinterested or does not care of his presence, but you should still throw that nice smile. This is to encourage him that there is a big chance that he can get you, although it is actually vice versa.

After you play this game several days, give him your number. Then, you will play give-withdraw game. To do this, wait for him until he set for a date. On that date, show your best appearance and give him a little. At that time, you want to gaze his eyes deep for a long time, touch his hands and you may want to kiss him as well. However, you have set a certain time when your mother a.k.a friend should call you for emergency. Then, you leave him abruptly. This will surely make him confused as he is so close to getting you. He will surely stalk and pursue you more.

Then, you call him to apologize and explain that the call is out of your control and ask for a reschedule. He will surely forgive you and set another date. At this rate, you already get him. Also read etiquette of dating Russian men and things you must know about dating rules in Russia.

4. Treatments

This step is to strengthen the bond between you and him until he declares his love. For your information, Russian boys are easy show his commitment. So, he will proclaim his love usually one day after a successful date. So, you need to bind this with special treatment.

For example, after he declares his love, you make him his favorite breakfast or meal. Russian boys will easily appreciate girls who make them breakfast unnoticeable, especially when they do not ask for it. The second treatment is challenging him. If you have a strong opinion, speak up. For instance, if you do not like his appearance, you may suggest him better one. However, this does not mean that you may challenge everything he says or does. The last, is making him a gentleman by letting him carry your shopping bags, opening the doors, etc.

Those are 4 ways of how to make a Russian boy fall in love with you in a week. Make sure you follow all of them if you want to see that right boy in front of your door every day. You can also want to read how to marry a Russian man in two months.

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