9 Things that Should be Prepared on Russian New Year Table

Russians are not really enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas (neither Orthodox, nor Catholic one), and the greatest festivals fall on New Year Eve (December 31st). What is more, in the same way as other different countries over the world, Russians love their foods during the celebration. 

On New Year’s Eve, specifically, there is normally no cost saved with regards to this happy dinner. They would order a portion of the nation’s preferred dishes, hors d’oeuvres, and drinks, which you are probably going to experience on any New Year table in Russia. So on the off chance that you were thinking about what are the absolute most basic customary Russian dishes served on New Year’s Eve, here is the rundown of 9 things that should be prepared on the Russian New Year table.

1. Olivier Salad 

This plate of mixed greens is not just Russia’s top choice. It has likewise made a way on how to make it onto the menu of various different countries. You may definitely know it by its other name which is “The Russian Salad”. It is not unexpected to see Olivier Salad served at numerous birthday celebrations, gatherings, weddings, and different festivals. 

2. Shuba Salad 

Another Soviet classic, though not really as delicious for the non-Russian sense of taste as Olivier Salad. You will remember it promptly as an extremely bubbly-looking, red dish in a bowl. In Shuba Salad recipe, there are potatoes, carrots, beet, onion, herring, and obviously, mayonnaise which is utilized for most Russian servings of mixed greens.

3. Black and Red Caviar 

This is one of the most significant snacks during the Russian New Year and is generally presented with butter, salads, and bread. Black caviar is now and then served independently in light of the fact that it is pricier. Regularly served in excellent silver or porcelain dishes loaded up with chipped ice lemon pieces, the caviar sandwich and dishes are symbols of wealth. 

4. Vinegret Salad 

Vinegret Salad is another conventional, regular dish that you will experience on almost every Russian New Year table. Its principal ingredient includes beetroot that would generally be blended in with boiled potatoes and carrots, gherkins cut into little cuts, peas, and diced onions and sometimes sauerkraut. 

5. Open Face Sandwiches 

The sandwiches are easy dishes: great white bread (delicate, loaf would be great), margarine, and fish (or caviar). The fish used in the recipe is cured, which means it was pickled (generally with salt, sugar, and some liquor), so it is basically uncooked and too delicate.

6. Vodka 

No Russian festival is completed without vodka and it is very clear as to why this local drink is considered the most well-known spirit during the special seasons in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus. Vodka is generally served straight out of the refrigerator and works out in a good way for caviar and salted vegetables.

7. Canapes

Canapes are the little cuts of bread regularly beat with butter and red caviar. Another well-known fixing is ground cheddar blended in with garlic and mayo and frequently a cut of tomato. These are the ideal finger snacks to kick the gathering off. 

8. Studen’ 

Studen’ can be considered as one of the Russian superfoods. It is extraordinary for your joints since it contains a great deal of natural gelatin. It cannot be any more obvious, the best possible studen’ is made without including any artificial gelatin. You can just utilize a ton of bones and coagulated meat for your stock and set it aside. It likewise requires exceptionally long and fairly muddled preparation. Various sorts of meat can be utilized such as ham, pork, and sometimes even chicken.

9. Champagne 

Russians love champagne, particularly on New Year’s Eve. One of the most conventional family customs is to set up the container before 12:00 PM and have the TV on to appreciate the champagne while watching Russian President Vladimir Putin address the country before the Spasskaya Tower at the Kremlin. Russians accept that drinking champagne inside the primary seconds of the new year will bring good luck for the entire year. In any case, you should be mindful and open the container precisely when 12:00 o’clock rolls in and afterward make a wish right away.

So, those are 9 things that should be prepared on the Russian New Year table.

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