8 Must-Know Russian Luxury Brands for Handbags

fleet ilya box bagPeople say if there is something women have to invest in; it has got to be handbags. Is that so? Well, in my humble opinion, yes. Clothing trends come and go as they please, but quality handbags? They are bound to last forever.

We sure have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to luxurious handbags. Though, I bet my bottom dollar that most of you would be more likely to deem yourselves as committed Chanel buffs or devoted Givenchy disciples. Whoops, busted! But, have you ever thought of discovering something new? Something like a lesser-known luxury designer handbag perhaps?

Russian Luxury Brands for Handbags

If you are not sure yet, check out the roundup of non-mainstream Russian luxury brands of handbags down below for some insight. Russian fashion/brands may go under the radar−far and few between, but their contribution to the world of fashion is doubtlessly eccentric. Still not convinced? Then, keep on reading and find yourself some Russian-made bags.

1. ALENA AKHMADULLINA Printed Leather Bag

Alena Akhmadullina is a true pioneer of Russian fashion industry whose designs are known for their elegance, chic, and classiness. Look at the leaf print that decorates the leather. It is aesthetic to an extent, has a nice shape, and definitely does not look like it is trying to be something else. Everything has a touch of original character. Akhmadullina really knows how to use her imagination and talent to turn the what-seems-like an ordinary bag into veritable piece of art. Surely, it is not an easy job. And imagine holding a bag that is also a work of art. Wow, you might as well bring the life of fashionista to a new different level.

2. VALENTIN YUDASHKIN Spring Summer 2018 Bag

The new it-bag of 2018 is here, hot from the runway. The cute, adorable design is the distinctive part of the bag. Yudashkin keeps it simple and understated bringing in a minimalist white tone that goes with just any outfits. The bag itself belongs to micro bags family which I personally do not know what for, unless that it is omnipresent in the spring/summer handbag trends. It is suitable for summer holiday in Russia. If you are looking for a tiny, simple bag that can only contain a few stuffs, and if you are lucky enough, lipsticks and perfumes, then give it a try.


Watch out, fashionistas. There is a new go-to style with a lot more structure, extra and versatility to boot. Fleet Ilya gives you a pretty good combination of the erotic possibility of leather and restriction, as well as provides you with double sense of high fashion aesthetic and underground fantasy. It recalls the old-school design of a trunk case in bygone era. However, you cannot risk looking unbalanced with it, because Fleet Ilya adds a cross-body strap and a top handle. Thus, it will be easier for you to navigate and more importantly, you can be carefree and stylish at the very same time. Are you impressed yet?

4. LOLA BROWN Blueberry Bag

If you are looking for something simple for everyday clothing but still tap into the trend, this one is for you. Lola Brown strikes with full circle−the shape of the moment−and she makes it easy for us to see the appeal, not to mention the quirkiness. The bag is a perfect day-to-night bag. It comes in medium size with one internal compartment and two pockets, so that you can carry all your belongings in style. All you need to do to complement your looks is wear it with a pair of casual flat shoes to dress it down. Here is a little note to hint you something: the blueberry color goes well with those of pastel and monochromatic!


Leonid Titow is a famous Russian brand that creates apparel and accessories of leather in various styles. It is a brand for everyone, women and men. Check their product for men here. They offer you a product with optimal ratio of quality, design, and purpose. In recent years, their preference has skewed more minimalist and luxurious that you can add to your night style. Aside from its functionality, you can even consider it as an investment piece that you can carry for a very long time.


Alexandra Belova is a young designer from Russia whose expertise is in accessories, shoes, and genuine leather. Belova presents you a folder bag made of patent leather that is very comfortable to wear documents, magazines, and even tablet. There is just a space for almost women’s essentials inside. Yes, this cute bag is actually big enough to hold all your stuff, truly a game changer. So, it totally makes a practical purchase for those who favor practicality over everything else.

7. ANTE KOVAC Peter Grad Bag

Ante Kovac is a handmade bags and accessories’ brand based on Moscow. It stands out among other rivals for its uniqueness and easy recognition. Each bag carries the atmosphere and feeling. If you want to impress others with such refined and quirky taste, then this brand is your solution. Since it is handmade, you can expect the careful attention to detail and manual drawing. The brand also claims that their artist put their souls to the crafted bags that those bags keep warmth of the skillful hands.

8. IGOR YORK Diamond Bag

The main product of this brand is bag made of leather. Igor York, named after the designer himself, releases a limited collection of tranquil and bright colors. His bags are known for the smart cut crafted by hand careful under full supervision. He also proposes a clean, minimalist design that shapes the embodiment of functionality and convenience.

Whether it is a quick drive to the city nearby or a long journey that requires you to stay outdoor most of the time, those bags will make your getaway all the more seamless. Those practical styles are a great investment. So, what are your favorite Russian luxury brands for handbags?

And for gentlemen out there, do not worry. I already rounded up the best Russian bags and wallets for you. See you in the next article.

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