8 Most Popular Brands of Russian Bags and Wallets for Men

gosha rubchinskyWho said men do not need to carry bags and wallets? Who said men cannot go all stylish? Men still need bags and wallets to carry their cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and other IDs. Moreover, there is an old proverb saying that a man is just as good as his wallet. Bags for men, too, are vital investments for their pockets. Keep in mind that sometimes it is not all about looking stylish. Sometimes, it is more about the practicality.

I believe men have no problem spending many hours to pick out a pair of jeans and sneakers. So, why not taking the same amount of time and consideration over day-to-day accessories they carry or slip into their back pockets? So, gentlemen, it is about time you look for a wallet that suits your spending needs.

Russian Bags and Wallets for Men

Though not yet acknowledged as fashion influencer, the Russian fashion industry is shifting steadily towards the center. They particularly bring together sleek leather wallet and led-trend bags to be the fundamental part of one’s style, particularly street style. Sleek, clean lines, contemporary touches, and urban aesthetic are the key notes of their works which I assume those traits are what men dig. Thus, I would like to recommend you these breakdowns of 8 most popular brands of Russian bags and wallets for men. Happy reading, gentlemen!

1. GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY Adidas Backpack

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a label especially created for men. The brand is named after the designer himself. At first, his focus was fixed on to men’s clothing only. But, after years of struggling, he managed to get out of his comfort zone and started working on men’s accessories. Beyond his central’s collections, he also often goes for a lot of collaborative ventures, typically sportswear brands. The Gosha Rubchinskiy Adidas backpack is one of those. If you are looking for something practical, but still stylish, then you should definitely go for this one. This bag will meet every single one of your needs, as well as goes with men’s personal style.

2. FLEET ILYA Leather Trunk

If you have read about the other article about Russian luxury brands for handbags, Fleet Ilya should sound all the more familiar to you. Now, they are coming with−once again−unique leather stuff for those gentlemen who are desperately in need of fashion guide. Aside of its eye-catching appearance, the leather trunk is just as comfortable to carry against your back as it is to contain by hand.

Fleet Ilya offers you bags that last three times longer than the average bags. So, it is a big investment that is actually worth the money.

3. RAY BUTTON the Alen Compact Wallet

Get ready to welcome a new companion coming from Ray Button, a good, compact wallet that not only helps you carry easier, but also save you from inconvenient problem of battered and thickened wallet. The material they used in the production is durable but still soft. Ray Button’s wallet will fit just right in your jeans pocket or pants. Ray Button gives you a perfect compromise of function and design, needless to say the quality and warranty.

4. ZAVTRA Ultrathin Wallet

ZAVTRA is known for its futuristic design. They vow to give their absolute best in re-examining the basic principles of the manufacture of accessories, in order to create a truly new look. Everyday things like bags and wallets people keep on hand have to be frequently updated style-wise. Thus, they create a simple, futuristic design that goes with almost every style. Although, it is simple and slim, the ultrathin wallet will still be able to fit large and small cash or plastic cards.

5. ALIVA Folder Clutch Bag

Aliva brand has a knack for making objects made of leather. The folder clutch bag from Aliva is what you need when travelling to the office. It is an original, stylish, and practical accessory. Inside can easily fit documents, work papers, and tools that are required to get through a busy day. It can also be used as a cover for the laptop. See how mandatory it is? Aliva’s minimalist design is great for business professional who does not want to be bothered with additional weight while on the go.

6. IGOR YORK Blue Yellow Wallet

If you have read about the other article about Russian luxury brands for handbags, Igor York should sound all the more familiar to you. Wallet from the brand Igor York consists of three sections for cards, one compartment for coins and one other compartment for bills or checks. Remember this wallet whenever you are in need of a place to restore your hard earned pennies. Though, you can also check Igor York’s other wallets. I am certain you will find one among many because Igor York’s works cater to a varying degree of tastes.

7. FXXII Flap Wallet

“Easy come closer to the real meaning of things”, they said. FXXII believe a good wallet should come in smart design that serves a practical purpose. The brand itself was founded in 2010 in Moscow, Russia.

In the process of production, they always try to minimize the number of elements. Most parts are manually sewn. So, as a consequence, some products may have slight variances in appearance. However, it does not discount the quality. If anything, it underlines the uniqueness of hand work on each piece.

8. LEONID TITOW Men’s Backpack

Leonid Titow puts comfort and functionality before anything else. The backpack from Leonid Titow covers the spectrum of possible uses. Whether you are looking for a simple vessel for getting from one place to another or planning to go camping for days, the backpack is vowed to be up for the task.

So, what are your favorite brands of Russian bags and wallets for men? Please let me know.

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