5 Satiate Russian Dishes To Back Up Your Brunch Time

5 satiate russian dishes to back up your brunch timeFood is something that everyone must like. The taste of food can affect one’s mood. Foods with delicious flavors are spread throughout all regions of the world. Every country must have a special food that is the pride of the country. And the typical food of a country can also be a factor that attracts tourists to visit the country. The typical food of a country is also influenced by spices in the country, season and taste. And one of the countries that is very famous for its delicious food is Russia. The largest country with a long history also has special food with delicious and unique flavors.

There are many types of food that you can try in Russia. Starting from soups, steaks, cakes, and various processed fish. If you find it difficult to make it yourself, there are lots of restaurants that sell delicious Russian food. Starting from food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. In this article, we will discuss Russian dishes that are filling and very suitable as your lunch menu. The following foods will make you even more in love with Russia. Unique and distinctive flavors will not make you disappointed. Here are 5 satiate russian dishes to back up your brunch time.

1. Stroganoff

The first Russian specialty you should taste is Stroganoff. This food is very suitable as your lunch menu. Stroganoff is perfect for you meat lovers. Stroganoff is sauteed diced beef, then doused with mustard sauce and meat broth prepared in advance. After that, given a spread of sour cream on top, without mushrooms and without onions. The first recipe of stroganoff was written by Elena Molokhovets in her book A Gift To Young Housewives in 1871. Stroganoff is a very old traditional Russian food.

In 1909, they added onions and tomato sauce, and served them with grated crispy potatoes which are considered traditional dishes for beef stroganoff in Russia. Stroganoff is very popular in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, the United States, Sweden and Japan. Stroganoff which is popular in these countries coupled with various food ingredients. As in the United States, stroganoff is combined with mushroom sauce, shallots, and sour cream sauce, and is served on rice or noodles. Stroganoff is sold in many restaurants and hotels in the United States. In Hong Kong, Stroganoff is combined with rice but without sour cream. Brazil also prepares Stroganoff with chicken or even shrimp, not beef. This is usually served with pieces of potato sticks, like in Russia, but with the addition of white rice. Sometimes someone can also see creative stroganoff variations, such as crepe filling, toppings for baked potatoes, or pizza. They combine stroganoff with other food ingredients according to their taste.

Popularity and stroganoff taste no doubt. Stroganoff is perfect for you to mix with pasta. This typical Russian food will certainly make your tongue and stomach satisfied. You can also combine stroganoff with other foods according to your taste. If you want to feel the original taste of stroganoff, you can try it directly in Russia. Lots of restaurants that make stroganoff as their mainstay menu.

2. Kulebyaka

The next Russian dish that you have to try is kulebyaka. Kulebyaka is also very suitable as your lunch menu. Russian food that is difficult to make is very rich in carbohydrates so it is very filling. Kulebyaka is a Russian pie with various fillings. Even my fillings can be up to 12 layers. During the Russian empire, the more layers I filled the more rich the owner of the house.

Russia is indeed inseparable from the processing of bread. But kulebyaka is very unique and you can only meet it in Russia. The ingredients of kulebyaka are salmon or sturgeon, rice or buckwheat, boiled eggs, mushrooms, onions and fennel. Pie is baked in pastry skin, usually brioche or puff pastry. Sometimes it is also filled with vesiga, the spinal cord of sturgeon. Usually vesiga is used for large versions. And for those of you who are vegetarians, Kulebyaka also has other filling versions like cabbage and potatoes.

Kulebyaka was so popular in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century that Auguste Escoffier, the famous French chef took him to France and included recipes for it in his masterpiece, a Complete Guide to Modern Cooking Arts. This typical Russian pie fits perfectly on anyone’s tongue. You can taste the savory, sweet, sour and spicy taste when I first bite. The taste of this food is extraordinary. And of course it’s very suitable for you to make it as a lunch menu.

3. Golubtsy

Golubtsy is cabbage cooked with stuffed minced beef, eggs, white rice, carrot slices, marinara sauce and other ingredients. Thinly sliced ​​meat wrapped with cabbage, then steamed or boiled until cooked. Golubtsy will be served with sour cream. Golubtsy is a food that all families in Russia or Ukraine must have cooked.

Golubtsy is a very tasty and healthy Russian food. Golubtsy has a savory and slightly sour taste. Food with this meat ingredient will feel very fresh in your mouth. Golubtsy is also high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates produced by meat will make you feel full. If you feel unsatisfied, you can add rice or pasta. Golubtsy is very easy for you to find in Russian restaurants.

4. Shashlik

Eating made from the next meat is shashlik. Shashlik is baked skewers. This food is very popular in Russia, and you are very easy to find. Initially the sashlik was made from mutton. But, now you can also find shashlik made from chicken, beef or pork. Shashlik cuts are very large and will make you satisfied. Shashlik is stabbed with iron puncture and baked on a grill called mangal. Shashlik can also be served with rice or pasta. And usually they also make pomegranate sauce to add to the taste of this typical Russian meat skewer.

5. Rassolnik

Rassolnik is a traditional Russian soup made with pickled cucumber, pearl barley and pork or beef kidney. For those of you who are Muslim, when you want to taste rassolnik you should choose rassolnik with beef. The most important part of rassolnik is rassol, which is a liquid from pickled cucumber with various other herbs. Rassol is often used as medicine when drunk. Rassolnik is Russian juicy soup that will make you feel full and very healthy.

Russian food is dominated by bread and soup. Besides that, they also really like meat. Those are 5 satiate russian dishes to back up your brunch time. 5 Russian foods are very rich in carbohydrates and healthy. In addition, although filling, Russian food is also not too high in fat. So you don’t need to worry about your weight going up. You can try the above 5 foods at restaurants in Russia. You can also buy it at the sidewalk, and it doesn’t taste like the restaurant. And you can also make it yourself at home, it will be very interesting. Happy trying!

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