6 Beautiful facts of Kokoshnik: The Headdress Culture of Russia

Does your country have a headdress and become a characteristic of your country? Are you interested in wearing a headdress on your head? If you are interested in wearing headdress, I will introduce you to the Kokoshnik.

Kokoshnik can be interpreted as a headdress from Russia. It has a very beautiful design. You might be able to use Kokoshnik along with your best dress. And your appearance will be more beautiful and elegant. It’s a good idea, is not it?

But, do you know about the facts of Kokoshnik? Maybe there are still many of you who are wondering what Kokoshnik is. To add information to you, let’s look at the beautiful facts of Kokoshnik: the headdress culture of Russian.

Kokoshnik is a traditional headdress worn by women. This headdress comes from Russia. Kokoshnik has existed since the 10th century, but it became very popular in the northern regions of Russia since the 16th century until the 19th century. Kokoshnik describes all forms of headdresses that exist and are used in all regions of Russia.

Kokoshnik comes from the word “Kokosh” which means hen or rooster. It is made from the base of a wire frame or a thick cloth with ornaments on it. High arches that exist in Kokoshnik typically extends up to the ear.

Maybe by knowing more about Kokoshnik, you are more interested in trying this headdress when you visit Russia. The model from Kokoshnik now gets a little change but still highlights its beauty. Behind the beauty of the Kokoshnik model in Russia, there are also beautiful facts of Kokoshnik. Therefore, in this article I will discuss about the 6 beautiful facts of Kokoshnik: the headdress culture of Russian.

  • Kokoshnik As A Beautiful Headdress

First of all, I will introduce to you a little about Kokoshnik. Kokoshnik is a beautiful headdress that looks elegant when it’s used. It is worn by women in Russia. The style and decoration of Kokoshnik is diverse. Kokoshnik looks beautiful because it is embroidered with pearls and gold. The embroidery motifs are usually formed flowers and plants.

Kokoshnik is usually used to cover the hair of a woman who wears it. The forehead area is often decorated with pearls that form a net. Women who use Kokoshnik usually Russian braiding their hair. The original Kokoshnik first worn by women of the middle class and wealthy farmers at the time.

  • Kokoshnik Has Many Types

Kokoshnik besides having several kinds of decorations that make it more beautiful and elegant, it also has several types. The most famous type of Kokoshnik is Kokoshnik “one-horn”. This is the kind Kokoshnik which has a high peak and stand out in the form of a triangle or crescent.

In addition, there are also other types of Kokoshnik such as Kokoshnik that are helmet-like saddle-shaped, Kokoshnik cylindrical in shape with flat rounded pads and other Kokoshnik types. The diversity of types and decorations from Kokoshnik has influence from all regions in Russia which is the most extensive country. Each region in Russia has its own Kokoshnik characteristics.

  • Kokoshnik As A Complement to Wedding Dresses in Russia

Kokoshnik often used in traditional events in Russia as well as complement the wedding ceremony in Russia. At the wedding of the Russians in the past, the bride using Sarafan as their wedding dress. In addition, they also use Kokoshnik as a headdress.

Kokoshnik is used as a headdress at a wedding made of metal. There is also Kokoshnik made of gold, silver, bronze and iron. It usually forms like a crown. Decoration on Kokoshnik usually studded with round beads made of gold thread. But the times are growing, now brides in Russia have started attaching pendants to the Kokoshnik they wear on their wedding day.

  • Kokoshnik Only Worn by Married Women

Kokoshnik can be used to see and determine the status of the woman you meet in Russia. Usually this headdress is worn by married women. In Russia, married women are required to cover and hide their hair. It is forbidden to be shown in public.

Kokoshnik is also used by girls who are ready to marry. Usually these girls would braid their hair long. As for married women, they will braid two of their hair then tie it. For the girls, Kokoshnik they use is still not fully cover their hair. This is commonly known as povyazka.

  • Kokoshnik Has Its Own Role

Kokoshnik is still often used as a complementary costume during traditional celebrations in Russia to date. The shape of Kokoshnik still tends to maintain the original traditional form used by women in the past. Because it is still synonymous with Russian art, Kokoshnik has its own meaning.

Kokoshnik according to one writer, it has a role in traditional Russian style. In the national costume art scheme in Russia, Kokoshnik has an important role as the crown of party costumes used by women. Kokoshnik will highlight the face of the woman who is the wearer. Kokoshnik also has beautiful decorations when worn.

  • Kokoshnik Has Entered Pop Culture

Kokoshnik now beginning to be used also in the modern era. But it gets some changes that are adapted to the modes that exist today. Although basically it still has a form that is not much different from the traditional version.

Kokoshnik was once used at the Chanel Paris-Moscou Pre-Fall 2009 collection exhibition. The Kokoshnik headdress was also used by Courtney Love in the Afisha Picnik music festival in 2011.

And maybe there are still some of beautiful facts of Kokoshnik: the headdress culture of Russian that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 6 beautiful facts of Kokoshnik: the headdress culture of Russian.

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