6 Miniature Russian Artifacts to Make Your Antique Collections Looks Perfect

If we talk about artifacts or antiques, usually it is still related to historical objects in a country in the past. Antiques and artifacts have many types, shapes and sizes. However, behind that all, not all objects from the past can be used as collection objects.

Are you included in people who like to collect artifacts?

If you like collecting artifacts and all other forms of antiques from all over the world, maybe Russia can be your country of choice for hunting collections. In the widest country, you can find miniatures of artifacts originating from Russia.

To add information to you, let’s look at miniature Russian artifacts to make your antique collections looks perfect.

For people who like to collect antiques or artifacts, they will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to look for objects of their collections. They will search all the countries they visit while on vacation or other activities.

There are some people who don’t care about the size, price, weight and other factors associated with the antiques or artifacts. There are some people who decide to choose miniatures from antiques or artifacts as their collection. It all depends on the needs and desires of each person who collects antiques or artifacts.

In Russia there are also many types of antiques or artifacts. You as a collector can search for Russian artifact collection items as you need. In addition to antiques or artifacts in their original size, in Russia also has a miniature form of all that stuff. Usually people prefer miniature size because it is easier to carry and does not take up much space when it becomes a display.

To add information to those of you who want to collect miniature Russian artifacts, in this article I will discuss about 6 miniature Russian artifacts to make your antique collections looks perfect.

  • Miniature Fabergé Egg

The Fabergé egg is an egg decorated with many gems. This egg is from Russia. In the past, Fabergé’s eggs were used as a symbol of wealth and splendor in the Russian Empire. This is one of the priceless treasures in Russia in the past.

You can make Fabergé eggs as your collection in miniature form. In Russia you can find a few places selling Fabergé egg as a souvenir or as a collector’s item. If the actual size of Fabergé eggs may be very expensive for you, you can choose a miniature Fabergé egg.

You can display Fabergé’s miniature eggs together with your other collections of antiques. This will add to the impression of luxury, elegance and also perfect your collection.

  • Russian Porcelain Miniature

During the Russian Empire, Russian porcelain was used as a political gift and diplomatic prize. This became a very exclusive item at that time. Russian porcelain usually has bright colors with vibrant designs. You can find Russian porcelain in the form of vases, plates, tea sets, cups and many more.

With a unique and distinctive Russian design, this Russian porcelain is perfect for your collection. Usually porcelain has a very large size and requires a large enough place. The price of porcelain can be very expensive depending on size or other factors.

If you still want to buy Russian porcelain in addition to your collection, you can choose miniature Russian porcelain. In addition to saving space, the price can be cheaper (though not all like this).

  • Miniature Russian Lacquer Art (Palekh)

In Russia there is a special handicraft called Lacquer Art. Lacquer Art is the art of painting with media items. Russian Lacquer Art is a form of development of the art of painting icons. Usually the paintings painted on Lacquer Art come from Russian folklore.

If you intend to make Lacquer Art as your collection, you can buy a miniature version of Lacquer Art. It’s called Palekh miniatures. Just like Lacquer Art, Palekh miniatures are also painted with media items such as small boxes, cigarette boxes and more. Miniature Palekh is usually painted based on songs, literature, fairy tales or characters from real life.

  • Miniature Khokhloma

One of the Russian antiques or artifacts that you can make as collections is Khokhloma paintings. Khokhloma is a style of wooden painting crafts in Russia. It has a curved pattern. Khokhloma usually uses the mythical Slavic figures as figures in paintings.

Khokhloma was painted on wood and used the dominant color of gold as the background. In addition, there are also uses of red, black, yellow and several other colors. Khokhloma can sometimes look like metal. This will be very suitable for you to display as your collection, even though in miniature sizes.

  • Kholmogory Bone Carving Miniature

In Russia there are also handicrafts in the form of bone carvings called Kholmogory. This handicraft originated from northern Russia. Kholmogory was very popular in the 18th century in Russia. You can find Kholmogory in the form of bracelets, engraving boxes, portraits and other popular objects.

If you want to collect Kholmogory, you can search for Kholmogory in a miniature version. Besides being able to save space, you can get a cheaper price compared to the price of the original size. This will make your collection of antiques or artifacts completer and more perfect.

  • Podstakannik Miniature

One of the antiques or artifacts originating from Russia is Podstakannik. Podstakannik is a glass holder with a handle. It is usually made of metal. Podstakannik created as a tool for holding a glass of tea that is still very hot.

If you like collecting antiques or metal artifacts, you can choose to collect Podstakannik. However, if you only want to display it as a collection, besides buying Podstakannik in its original size, you might be able to find and buy Podstakannik in miniature form.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the 6 miniature Russian artifacts to make your antique collections looks perfect.

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