Is It True That Divorce Rate in Russia So High?

Divorce … A word that might give fear in a person. Divorce happens in a country usually has a specific cause. The number of divorce cases in a country will certainly increase the country’s divorce rate. There are several countries around the world that have high divorce rates.

Then what about in Russia? Is it true that divorce rate in Russia so high?

If you don’t know about it yet, let’s look at a little information about divorce rates in Russia.

Divorce is considered as a final solution to the problems that occur in married couples. There are so many reasons why married couples prefer to divorce. The number of divorce cases will certainly affect the rate of divorce in a country. There are some countries that have very high divorce rates when compared to other countries.

Discussing about divorce, what about Russia? Is it the same as what happened in other countries?

People must be wondering about the divorce rate in Russia. Is it at a low or high level? And is it true that the divorce rate in Russia is so high?

The answer that can be given for the last question … yes, it’s high. The divorce rate in Russia is quite high but not the highest. In this article, I will discuss the reasons why married couples in Russia prefer to end their marriage relationship and decide to take divorce as a solution to their problems.

  • Early-age marriage

Many people who believe that one reason for the high rate of divorce in Russia is that marriage is too early. Many people have been married when they were 22 years old. The age of 22 years for some people has been considered a mature age but there are also those who consider that the age is still included in the early age to get married.

Marriage at an early age is vulnerable to divorce because it is still considered too unstable in making decisions. Over time, the thoughts of someone who is developing and not yet stable are constantly changing. Some have changed to good and some are the opposite.

Young people who marry usually still be childish in married life. If the emotions of both are high and they don’t find a solution, they can easily choose divorce as a solution to their problems.

  • Physical Violence and Alcoholism in Marriage Relationships

Physical violence, either purely physical violence or because of the influence of alcohol, is a common cause of divorce in Russia. Experienced physical violence in married life can leave a trauma that will imprint a lifetime of a person who becomes a victim.

Women who cannot stand the physical violence they experience, many choose to divorce. But not a few have survived their marriage for certain reasons.

Couples who have been married, usually only realized if their partner often physical violence to vent its emotions after they were married for some considerable time. Even some who know it shortly after they were married.

Not all victims of physical violence in married life can survive such conditions. So, the divorce became final solution if they are no longer able to accept physical violence from their partners. Although there are also victims of physical violence who choose to stay with their partners, one reason is because of their children.

  • Difficult life

Difficult marriage life and unable to find a way out of the severe problems experienced by a couple, is a common reason why couples in Russia want to divorce. Difficult life in marriage usually also occurs because there is no commitment in a marriage.

There are also those who use the reason for difficult married life but in reality, they are not able to be responsible for their lives and their partners. Even though some actually experienced difficult lives in their marriages and decided to divorce well because that might be the best choice for them.

  • Independent Life

Some are choosing to divorce by using reason because they feel unable to live independently without relying on their partners. Usually this happens to women. Women who have not endured their married life and feel capable of continuing their lives independently, choose to divorce and bring their children along.

Someone who feels able to live independently without a partner is someone who feels ready financially and mentally to continue living and raising their children. Women who use reason want to live independently without a partner is often the women who have jobs and higher education.

Couples who choose to divorce because they want to live independently can also be caused by the existence of ego between each other. If nobody wants to succumb to reach a joint decision, then the divorce became final path that can be taken by the couple.

  • Couple Affair

Couple affair is the reason most couples use to end their marriage and decide to divorce. Not only in Russia but also in all countries around the world. Many couples are unable to continue their marriage when they find out if their partner is having an affair.

Couples who have been caught cheating will certainly be involved in a big fight. If they are able to solve it well, maybe they can continue their marriage relationship. On the contrary, if you can’t, then … get divorced.

Divorce in Russia also does not require expensive fees and is quite easy to do. There are lots of advertisements or law firms that provide cheap services to deal with a spouse’s divorce. Whatever reason the couple uses for divorce, the real victims are their children.

So, the conclusions that can be taken to answer the question of “is the divorce rate in Russia really so high”, is indeed true. The divorce rate in Russia is quite high.

I hope this article can give you the answer as well as information about is it true that divorce rate in Russia so high.

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