5 Best Book of Leo Tolstoy For Children

Do you know about Leo Tolstoy? Well, he is a Russian writer. He is famous for some of the best novels that have been written. His novels were also recognized by both other writers and ordinary people.

Did you know if Leo Tolstoy also wrote books or stories intended for children? In some of the books he wrote there are also stories for children with all the moral messages in the story. If you don’t know it yet, let’s look at the best books of Leo Tolstoy for children.

Leo Tolstoy is a famous Russian writer. Leo Tolstoy is famous for having written many of the best novels that have received praise from fellow writers and ordinary people. His famous novels include Anna Karenina, War and Peace and others. The novels written by Leo Tolstoy have been widely translated into English. Some even have become a film. It’s amazing isn’t it?

Among all the novels that have been written by Leo Tolstoy, there are also several novels and compilation of stories that can be enjoyed by children. There is a moral message in each title. This is great for children.

In this article, I will discuss about 5 books of Leo Tolstoy for children.

  • Ivan the Fool (1886)

Ivan the Fool is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy which was first published in 1886. Ivan the Fool has another title, Ivan the Fool and His Two Brothers. This story is considered by many to be a fairy tale for children despite having political elements in it.

Ivan the Fool told about the struggle of Ivan and his brothers from the Devil’s disruption who tried to destroy them. The end of this story is Ivan who succeeded in defeating the disorder of Devil and then became the ruler of the country. Ivan’s other brothers were unable to defeat Devil’s disruption because they were thirsty for power and they were also easily tempted by money.

The message in Ivan the Fool’s story that can be a lesson for children is about glorifying kindness, working hard, staying simple and generous.

  • Wisdom of Children (1885)

Wisdom of Children is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy which was first published in 1885. Wisdom of Children stories also have other titles translated, Little Girls Wiser than Men. This story takes the theme of forgiveness.

Wisdom of Children’s story tells the story of two little girls who received a new skirt. When the snow begins to melt on the ground, the two little girls, Akulya (the oldest) and Malasha (the youngest), go play together. Both of them use their new skirts and still choose to play with one puddle of melting snow. Akulya warned Malasha not to sprinkle water on her, but Malasha still did it.

When Akulya returned home crying, Akulya’s mother was angry and hit Malasha. Malasha’s mother was angry and they began to argue. Meanwhile, the two little girls were even back playing together and happy again. Akulya’s grandmother asked everyone to take examples from children because they were very easy to forgive.

  • The Three Question (1885)

The Three Questions is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in 1885. The story in the story The Three Question is a story about a king who is looking for answers to the three most important questions in life.

The king in the Three Question story seeks answers to the three most important questions in life, “How can I do the right thing at the right time? Who is the person I need most? And what is most important and needs my first attention?” The King has asked for the opinion of many wise men and even promised to give them a reward. But no one gave him the answer he wanted. Until finally he met the Hermit.

The message that can be taken as an example by children is about doing good to anyone.

  • What Men Live By (1885)

What Men Live By is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy which was first published in 1885. This story is also included in a compilation with the story The Three Question.

The Story of What Men Live By tells of an angel who was punished by God because of the angel’s disobedience. Michael (the angel) was given the task to take the life of a woman so that she could pass on to the next life, but he did not. In order for Michael to return to being an angel, he must find the answer to the question commanded by God. That question is “What dwells in man? What is not given to man? and What do men live by?”

The moral message that can be an example for children is that they live not for themselves but also for others. Because every human being has love in their heart.

  • Two Old Men (1885)

Two Old Men is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy which was first published in 1885. This story tells of the journey of two men to reach the Holy Land.

The two men in the Two Old Men story are Efim and Elisa. They have been friends for years. They had long promised each other that one day they will travel to Jerusalem. But unfortunately, this trip was delayed several times because of their necessities of life. Finally, they were traveling after a lot of debate.

On the way they used their own ways to reach Jerusalem and meet somewhere. Efim went straight to the holy land while Elisha went slowly. But the two never met.

When returning from the trip, the two greeted each other. Efim relates his experience. Turns Efim visited the same family who have been helped by Elisha. Elisha did not actually go to the Holy Land because of his supply runs out and decided to go home. The lesson to be an example for children is one way to keep one’s vow to God is by showing love and good deeds to others.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the 5 books of Leo Tolstoy for children.

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