How to Do a Natural Nude Glowing Makeup like Irina Shayk

To them who love to stay updated with the world’s fashion trend, Irina Shayk’s name is definitely familiar. This Russian supermodel has been up and around the industry since 2007 when she became the face of Intimissimi, a well-established Italian clothing label. The 33-year-old model has been both on covers of popular fashion and lifestyle magazines also going on catwalks around the world. She has covered Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and more. Shayk was also known as Christiano Ronaldo’s spouse for five years. However, this year’s Golden Globe and Academy Award ceremonies have taken Irina Shayk to a new stage that brought her to the attentions of more people. It was her appearance on the red carpet with her partner, Bradley Cooper, that put her under the limelight. The signature “no-makeup” makeup look of hers make a lot of women want to give it a try.

Being a supermodel, Irina Shayk definitely has her own skin care routine and beauty regimen. The smooth healthy complexion of hers doesn’t ask for much to be covered and so she loves to go with a natural makeup. If you are one of the girls who wonder how to do a natural nude glowing makeup like Irina Shayk, read on. This article will take you step by step to complete the “no makeup” look as well as give you some tips and hints of the products you can use.

1. Keep Your Skin Healthy

This is the basic to all of Shayk’s glowing face. The skin must first be healthy if you want to go for the natural look. Irina Shayk always rubs ice cube on her face and neck every morning to keep the skin on those areas hydrated and naturally lifted. After shower she would apply coconut oil on the same places as the moisturizer while the skin is still wet and then wipe it with towel. Never forget your sunscreen lotion with high SPF when you leave the house because a woman’s skin around the neck and hands will age faster under the rough UV. As for the nutrition from the inside, Shayk recommend consuming fish oil pills and lots of vegetable.

2. Primer

After you have your face cleansed and moisturized with your favorite products, apply a thin layer of primer. This is important to refine the soft lines and pores around the face especially eyes and lips. Avoid getting too much with this because you don’t want your face to look cakey.

3. Foundation

Use a sponge to apply this product starting from the center of the face to the edges. Finish by tapping the sponge allover your face to give it a blurry, airbrushed effect. Again, be easy with the amount you use because the key to a natural look is to keep everything thin and smooth. Use the tone that matches your skin color. This is important to make your face radiant and even with, especially, the neck skin tone.

4. Concealer

This time, use a brush to apply the product to cover dark lines and blemishes. Usually under the eyes that make them look baggy. Again, use the right color or else your face will look blotchy and the makeup will be ruined. Tap the concealer with the tip of your finger for better and exact coverage.

5. Brow Pencil

Define the shape of your eyebrows with a pencil with the right color. Fill in to make them look full and even, then brush from center to the outer tip with the spooled end to make them look neat yet natural. Be careful with the pressure to avoid your brows turn out looking like a pair of dark blocks. Stay easy like how the other products before have been applied.

6. Mascara

To go with the natural nude look, you don’t want to use a pair of crazy fake eyelashes. Instead, use good mascara. It means a product that lifts your natural lashes perfectly but doesn’t lump. Great mascara will lengthen your eyelashes; make them look full, covered, and well-separated. Use just one layer to keep the whole look slightly bare.

7. Lip Balm or Nude Lipstick

For the finishing touch and to complete the whole natural nude look, apply a thin layer of lipstick or lip cream with a tone of nude color that goes with your skin. Something that is not too bold but not making you look pale either. If you have reddish lips already, just use lip balm or lip gloss to enhance the fresh, glowing look.

That is all and you are ready to go. This natural makeup is so light and fuss-free so you can use it every day, anywhere; whether to work, hangout with friends, lunch, dinner, or parties. For more formal occasions, you can add eye shadow with dark palette for smoky look. This palette is perfect for nude makeup because it will add to the dimension of the face; make it look done yet calm. You can also add highlighter or glow stick if you want the glow to show up more.

Now you know how to do a natural nude glowing makeup like Irina Shayk. If you wonder what products you can use to achieve the look, Tatyana Makarova – her makeup artist – use Marc Jacobs Beauty line. But you can actually use any brands as long as they are suitable for your skin because the sensitivity and condition differ from one person to the other. Also, because Shayk is the spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris, you might want to give this beauty line a try too. All in all, the key to natural nude makeup is keeping your skin healthy first and before everything else. Secondly, take it easy with the makeup; stay light and minimal.

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